What Is Pluralsight & How Its Courses Can Be Useful For You?

What Is Pluralsight & How Its Courses Can Be Useful For You?

This is part I of the two-part article on “What is Pluralsight?”

You will find complete details about Pluralsight eLearning platform in this article. It contains brief about the company including its history, founders, and current business model. It also talks about Pluralsight courses, catalog, learning paths, subscription levels, certificates, and mobile player.

You can read about Pluralsight review in the second part of this article. The second part talks about the benefits and advantages of Pluralsight. It also talks about the disadvantages and downsides of the online learning platform.

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight History

Pluralsight was initially founded as a classroom training company. In the year 2007 it started offering online training courses. Today, it provides an e-learning platform to technology courses. The platform can be used by individuals who are looking to learn new skills or want to enhance their existing skills. You may be able to use its certificates for the career growth.

The company has more than 1000+ live mentors & 1000+ employees. Live Mentors help learners with their doubts or problems. Pluralsight uses a very complex algorithm to track the learning of their learners which helps them to provide their customers with a better learning experience.

Pluralsight Founders

Pluralsight was established in 2004 by four persons Aaron Skonnard (current CEO), Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams. It is headquartered in Utah, USA.

Aaron Skonnard is an American businessman and current CEO of Pluralsight. He started programming early in his childhood. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1996 with a degree in Computer Science. Aaron has worked with various companies including 3M, Intel, and Axion Technologies before founding Pluralsight.

Keith Brown is a computer engineer and founder of various technical books. He was a columnist for MSDN magazine for many years. Later he left his job to co-found Pluralsight.

The Company

The Pluralsigh is a listed company on NASDAQ exchange. It filed for an Initial Public Offering in April 2018 and was listed on the exchange on May 17, 2018. The opening price of the stock was $15. It closed the first day of trading at $20. It is one of the very few companies that is listed and regularly traded in a stock exchange.

How Pluralsight Works?

Pluralsight only offers technology courses. You can enroll into these courses by taking its monthly or yearly subscription. You can buy their subscription and learn from any of its courses till you are a member. The paid members get host of benefits like downloadable app, live projects, customer support, topic end quizzes, chapter exercises, and certificate of completion. They can also pay some additional money to get help from expert mentors.

Pluralsight employ expert authors and instructors to design the courses. The authors get royalty based on the number of enrollments and students’ feedback.

Pluralsight Free Trial

Pluralsight offers free trial of its platform and courses. You can get a first hand experience of most of its features by joining the free trial. There is no hard in taking the trial as it will cost you nothing. You can take Pluralsight’s paid subscription only if you find the platform useful.

Pluralsight Skill IQ

Pluralsight will score you from 0-300 based on your skills. Pluralsight’s exclusive adaptive skill measurement scores in percentile from 0-100 & gives you an idea of how aware you are about that topic and how much knowledge you possess regarding the subject as compared to others.

Combining both results gives you an idea of how good you are on those topics. Your scores are divided into 3 levels:

  1. Novice- 0 to 20 percentiles
  2. Proficient – 21 to 80 percentiles
  3. Expert – 81 to 100

For example – A score of 240 in the test means that you are at the proficient level as you have achieved a percentile between 21 and 80.

Pluralsight Subscription

Pluralsight comes with 2 subscription plans to choose from– Personal & Business. Personal Plan is for a single person only whereas the Business plan is for corporate use for multiple users.


The subscription plan varies according to the geographical area. A personal plan ranges from $15 – $449. You can subscribe to monthly as well as an annual plan.

While a business plan cost $449 – $779 per user. The business plan cost annually only.

I have written a detailed analysis of its subscription plan, you can check for more information.

Pluralsight Courses

Till now Pluralsight provides courses in 8 different categories as below.

  • Software development
  • IT Ops
  • Creative professional
  • Data Professional
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Manufacturing and Design
  • Business Professional
  • Information and Cyber Security

They have 6000+ courses on their platform & new courses keep adding on their platform.

Pluralsight Paths

Pluralsight has dedicated paths for the learners. If you don’t know where to start, Pluralsight can guide you.

The courses are divided into 3 levels.

  • Beginner,
  • Intermediate and,
  • Advance

You can choose which level of a course you’d like to learn or start learning from.

To help you better there is a feature also provided called “Skills IQ”. This Skill IQ will help you in deciding which level you should start studying the course. The test is of 10 minutes with 20 questions to solve.

The test will fall into 3 categories:

  • Novice
  • Proficient
  • Expert

These 3 categories help you to know which level you belong to in that course. For example – A Novice in that course means you should start the course from the beginner level, Proficient means that you should start from Intermediate level and so on.

Pluralsight Test

Pluralsight offer test to carry out. With the help of the test, you can check where you stand in the crowd. The test will be related to your topic and what you have covered until that section.

Pluralsight Certificate

The certification that you can get from Pluralsight is a basic certification in that field. Most of the certificates from this platform mainly focus on Computer & IT related subjects.

The list of the certificates that you can get from this platform is as below.

  1. CompTIA – They provide a designated course towards counting CEC (Continuing Education Credits) Program.
  2. ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library):- Pluralsight courses are approved by ITIL and counted towards certification.
  3. PMI: – Pluralsight is a registered R.E.P. with PMI® and offers material that counts towards their PDU® programs.
  4. ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association):- Watching video lectures can help in getting CPE Credit which can help in certification. Every 50 minutes of active video lectures provide you with 1 CPE.

Pluralsight provides a Course completion certificate from its portal. When you watch a full course you will be awarded a course completion certificate.

Pluralrsight Certificate

Pluralsight KALPAN IT Training

You have full access to the Kalpan IT Training Exam. In this portal, you can take unlimited practice exam tests. This feature is available for the individual in Premium Subscription and also available for Enterprise & Professional plan. You can check your result on this portal itself.

Pluralsight Support

Getting help from mentors a pretty simple process. Pluralsight charges $1/minute from you for each doubt session. You don’t need to pay anything if your doubts are not solved. This guidance is done one to one.

You can even post queries through chat, video messages, etc. you can get career advice, clear roadblocks, ask your project related queries, etc. from this portal.

Note- First 5 minutes of this service is free.

Pluralsight Player

Pluralsight comes with an application to play video lectures. You can download the application on android and iOS devices. You can also watch lectures on browsers like – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Pluralsight Features

Pluralsight offers many different features to their students. You will get a mobile app, mentor guidance, projects and many more.

Pluralsight Review

Pluralsight could be a good platform if you use it in a proper way. It has lots of technical courses to carry out.

I have analyzed Pluralsight in detail. To get more information, you can check this link.

Final Thoughts

Pluralsight is a well-developed platform with outstanding content, in my opinion. I am positive it will assist you in whichever course you choose to pursue and could really be worth the investment.

Over To You

Let me know in the comment’s section below what you think about Pluralsight.

Any doubts you may have or any queries are most welcome.