What is Pluralsight? Get Key Insights Of This Platform

What is Pluralsight? Get Key Insights Of This Platform

What is Pluralsight? You will get detailed information about it in this article.

Confused about Pluralsight, its features, its content, its certification or anything else. Have no idea how to start learning with this platform & about its various subscription plan, etc. Then this review is worth reading.

After reading the review you will get to know everything about this Platform. The article covered explained all about Pluralsight, it’s working, about its authors, its subscription plan, its learning tracks, Certification, etc.

You can check if you really need it or not?

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight Overview

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that offers training in topics related to software, IT, data, and security, etc. It was established in 2004 by Aaron Skonnard (current CEO), Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams.

Pluralsight was initially founded as a classroom training program, but by 2007 it started its online training courses. It is one of the e-learning platforms for the technology-related person looking for their career growth or just wants to learn new skills or wants to enhance their skills.

The company has more than 1000+ live mentors & 1000+ employees. Live Mentors helps the learner with their doubts or problem. The learner can ask any question to their mentors. Pluralsight uses a very complex algorithm to track the learning of their learners which helps them to provide their learners with a better learning experience.

Till now Pluralsight provide courses in 8 different categories as below:-

  • Software development
  • IT Ops
  • Creative professional
  • Data Professional
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Manufacturing & Design
  • Business Professional
  • Information & Cyber Security

They have 6000+ courses on their platform & new courses keep adding on their platform.

Pluralsight Business Model

Pluralsight runs on “Subscription Business Model”. This model requires Learner (like you) to pay money to get access to their services. On paying the subscription fees learners will get access to all the videos on this platform. They can choose which one they want to learn. The learner needs to pay some additional amount of money in order to get help from mentors. Pluralsight pay their authors royalty, based on how often their courses are viewed.

After paying the subscription amount, the learner is now good to go. They can select the courses that they want to learn. They can create the playlist comprising of video that they want to watch.

Pluralsight is not over yet!!

Wants to learn more? Read get more insight below:-

Pluralsight Guided Learning Tracks

Pluralsight has a very dedicated path for the learner. If a learner doesn’t know where to start, Pluralsight can guide in that case also. The courses are divided into 3 levels: –

  • Beginner,
  • Intermediate &
  • Advance

You can choose, from wherever you want to learn. But there is a feature also provide called “Skills IQ”. This Skill IQ will help you to decide where you can start learning in that course. The test consists of 10 minutes with 20 questions to solve. Based on that test, Pluralsight suggests you from where you can start your course Journey.

The test will fall into 3 categories: Novice, Proficient, and Expert. These 3 categories help to know where you stand in that course & Pluralsight will also suggest where you should start your learning. For example – A Novice in that course means you have to start the course from the beginner level, Proficient means that you can start from Intermediate level & so on.

What is Pluralsight Skills IQ Rating?

Pluralsight will score you from 0-300 based on your skills. Pluralsight’s exclusive adaptive skill measurement scores in percentile from 0-100 & gives you an idea of how much aware you are about that topic.

pluralsight - Skill IQ

Combining both results gives you an idea of how good you are on those topics. your scores are divided into 3 levels: –

  1. Novice- 0 to 20 percentile
  2. Proficient – 21 to 80 percentile
  3. Expert – 81 to 100

For example – A score of 240 in the test certainly means that you are in Proficient level & you have certainly achieved a percentile between 21 – 80.

Pluralsight Certification

The certification that you can get from Pluralsight is basic certification in that field. Most of the certificates from this platform mainly focus on Computer & IT related technology.

Pluralsight provides continuing education programs. The list of the certificate that you can get from this platform are as below:-

  1. CompTIA – They provide designated course toward counting CEU (continuing education credits) Program.
  2. ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library):- Pluralsight courses are approved by ITIL & counted towards certification.
  3. PMI: – Pluralsight is a registered R.E.P. with PMI® and offers material that counts towards their PDU® programs.
  4. ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association):- Watching video lectures can help in getting CPE Credit which can help in certification. Every 50 minutes of active video lectures provide us with 1 CPE.

Plurarsight Certificate

Pluralsight provides a Course completion certificate from its portal. When you watch a full course you will be awarded a course completion certificate.

Pluralsight KALPAN IT Training

We got full access to the Kalpan IT Training Exam. In this portal, we can take unlimited practice exam test. This features is only available for the individual in Premium Subscription & also available for Enterprise & Professional plan. We can always check our result in this portal.

Pluralsight Subscription Plans, Pricing & Costing

Pluralsight comes with 2 subscription plans that we can choose – Personal & Business. Personal Plan is for a single person only whereas the Business plan is for corporate use. Lets me discuss them one – by- one with you.

1. Pluralsight Personal

As the name described, Pluralsight personal plan is for Individuals. A single person can get benefit from this plan. There are 3 plans to opt for depending upon subscription types & charges.

Monthly Plan ($29/month)

The plan comes with monthly billing which is $29/month. This plan includes the following benefits: –

  1. Access to Entire Course Library
  2. All Learning Paths
  3. All Channels
  4. Get Skills IQ
  5. Provided with Role IQ
  6. Get Course Completion Certificate

Yearly Plan ($299/Year)

This plan is billed annually & priced at $299/year. In this plan we can get the benefits as per follows:-

  1. Course Learning Checks
  2. Course Discussion with mentors
  3. Exercise Files to test knowledge
  4. Mobile & TV apps
  5. Offline viewing
  6. Contains all monthly plan features

Premium Plan ($449/year)

This is one of the best plans this platform have for Individuals. It comes with lots of benefits. Few are as follows: –

  1. Contains all personal features.
  2. Has certification practice exam.
  3. Has Interactive Courses.
  4. Have projects – Best to gain some experience.
  5. Has practice tests to do.

2. Business Plan

This class is further divided into 2 categories. These are all annual contract only. There is no monthly contract at all. The pricing contains a per-user subscription.

Pluralsight Business Team Plan($499/year)

It comes with annual pricing of $499/ User. There are no other options in these categories. There is just one plan in this. The benefits that we will get into these categories are as follows:-

  1. Basic Analytics skills.
  2. Trend Analytics
  3. Usage Analytics
  4. Basic Channels Analytics
  5. Certification Practice Exam
  6. Team Management
  7. All Premium Features

Pluralsight Enterprise Plan ($699/year)

This could use in track all their employees’ growth analytics. This comes with some unique features. The features are as follows: –

  1. Have all Premium Features.
  2. All professional Features.
  3. Advance Skills Analytics.
  4. Advance Channels Analytics.
  5. Provided Data Export.

Pluralsight Mentors & Guidance

Getting help from mentors is just straightforward. Pluralsight charges $1/minute from you for each session of doubt that you can ask. You don’t need to pay anything if your doubts are not solved. This is one to one guidance. You can post queries through chat, video messages, etc. you can get career advice, clear roadblocks, ask your project related queries, etc. from this portal.

Note- First 5 minute of this service is free.

Pluralsight Free Subscription

Pluralsight comes with a feature in which they provide you with a “Free Trial Subscription”. This comes with 10 days of the free trial.

Pluralsight Free Trial

Though the course is free for 10 days you will get access only 200 minutes of video which is approx. 3 hrs. If you are not satisfied with the trial, you can stop the further subscription.

Pluralsight Partner & Partnerships

Pluralsight have done the partnership with quite a No. of global companies. These companies are world-renowned. Pluralsight provides training with the help of its partners. In short, Pluralsight partners helps them to grow their training. And what more, many of the training is free to learn.

Their partnerships are as below:-

1. Pluralsight Microsoft Partnership

They did the partnership with Microsoft to provide some of the courses totally free of cost. The free courses provided with them are as below:-

  • Pluralsight Microsoft Visual Studio: – With the use of Microsoft, you can get Free/ Discounted course. Pluralsight provides 3 months subscription of 50 Microsoft courses free of cost. After that, if you want to upgrade you can avail it at a discount of 10%. This discounted price is only for Individual subscription & couldn’t be avail to Premium Subscription. This discounted price will only be applicable for an annual subscription plan.
  • Pluralsight Microsoft Azure: – In this partnership, Microsoft has provided you with 46 courses free of cost. This will available for Individual plan. This will include almost all the benefits of an Individual plan like- Skills IQ, Paths, Notes, Etc.

2. Google India

With the partnership of Google India & Pluralsight, the people in India can take free 60 days of Pluralsight login. The people in India can learn some of the technology from this platform. Some of the technology that you can learn from this is as below: –

  • Android Developer
  • Cloud Architect/ Security
  • Data Engineering
  • Mobile Web Specialist

3. Unity Game Developer

with this partnership, you can help yourselves to become a game developer. There will be paid subscription that you can buy from the Unity website (Pluralsight paid subscriber already have access to these lectures.). In this course 30 videos in total. The videos are divided into 4 paths. We can take the Skill IQ test after each path. All 4 paths are as below: –

  • Unity Game Dev Courses: Fundamental
  • Unity Game Dev Courses: Arts
  • Unity Game Dev Courses: Programming
  • Unity Game Dev Courses: Design

4. CSTA (Computer Science Teacher Association)

This partnership between CSTA & Pluralsight let you enjoy free 1-year limited usage to Pluralsight. In this, you got 30 software development videos to watch. You can get this through CSTA+ portal. These lectures are generally for Computer Science programming learning.

5. DataCamp

With the partnership of DataCamp & Pluralsight, you can get access to 8 courses in the field of Data Scientist. There will be 4 lectures videos on Data Scientist with Python track & 4 lectures videos on Data Scientist with R track. You need to create a separate login Id in DataCamp to get access to these videos.

Final Thoughts

I have done my best to provide you guys with all the knowledge that I could find for Pluralsight. I have provided with all the points that I could get over the Internet. However, If you guys have more idea about the website than do comment below. 

Over To You

It’s your personal call if you want to learn from this platform or not. I have seen people doing really great work. Some took a few courses from this platform & learn them deeply. Now, they are really doing great in their profession.

All it depends on the person & how do they take the learning. 

Now, I want to know what’s your thought about the platform.