Udemy Vs Pluralsight – Which One You Should Buy?

Udemy Vs Pluralsight – Which One You Should Buy?

In this article, I will be comparing Udemy Vs Pluralsight.

These two platforms are one of the best platforms for online education. They both are getting popular day-by-day. But have different function and works differently.

Online learning is becoming popular day-by-day. There are a bunch of E-Learning platforms available. So, this makes choosing a platform that suits your goal of learning becomes important.

Choosing the right platform will be an important part of the journey of your online education.

Udemy Vs Pluralsight

Before getting into the comparison of both of them, let me give you a quick overview of the platforms.

Udemy Brief Review

There is a large number of courses available on Udemy. There are more than 85,000+ courses available on Udemy.

It also provides some of the courses free of cost. There are lots of options to choose from. It is one of the favored all-purpose online learning platforms.

Udemy provides courses on both technical and non-technical subjects.

You can learn anything and everything on Udemy.

Pluralsight Brief Review

Pluralsight is different on the other hand. It mainly provides technical courses on its platform.

Pluralsight provides all courses at once. Meaning that you just need to buy a subscription for a specific period of time and would have access to all its courses during that period of time.

It is just like a buffet of online learning courses. You pay once and can choose which subject you want to learn and how many ever you want in the specific subscribed period of time…

Pluralsight comes with this unique feature called “Skill IQ”, where you can test your proficiency in the subject. After getting to know your level of knowledge on a subject, you can select where you stand in the course.

Apart from these, it has other benefits as well…

You can see these benefits in the sections below.

Side-By-Side Comparison Between Udemy And Pluralsight

Type of CoursesAlmost All Type Of CoursesMostly Technology Related
Type Of Certificate?Yes,Certificate of CompletionYes,Certificate of Completion
Course AuthorsAnyone can post the coursesAuthors need to approved by Pluralsight
Approximate Number of Courses85,000+5,000+
Learning Path AvailableNoYes, fully Guided path
Suitable ForBeginnerAll Persons
Instructors AssistanceYes, Depends upon AuthorYes, Experts Assistance
Technical SupportYesyes
Course SupportNoYes
Support Through ChatNoYes
Support Through MailYesNo
Video PlayerYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Top 5 Benefits
1Huge No. Of CoursesWhole Course To Select
2Large No. Of Topic To SelectExpert Assistance
3Appealing PriceSkill IQ- to help You where to start from
4Life Time AccessReal Time Project
5Cerificate Of CompletionCerificate Of Completion
Detailed Review Udemy Review Pluralsight Review
Course Package
Fee$20 - $299$29 - $499
DiscountsYes, Most Of The TimeYes, Some of the time
Access PeriodsLifeTimeUpto to Subscription Period
LifeTime Acces With Appealing PriceWhole Course To Select + Real Time Project

Final Thoughts

Udemy and Pluralsight both cater to different needs and hence different audiences. On Udemy, you can get almost all kinds of courses at a very cheap price, but have to buy each of them individually.

Pluralsight, on the other hand, is a more specific platform where you can subscribe to the platform through a monthly or yearly subscription and learn as many courses as you want.

One of the major differences is that Pluralsight provides real-time project which Udemy doesn’t.

Who Should Buy Udemy Course?

If upgrading the skills is your focus then you can go with Udemy.

You can even learn some non-technical skills like Yoga, Meditation, and fashion related skills with the help of Udemy.

You need to select the best course for yourself. The course that truly suits you.

Who Should Buy Pluralsight Course?

Pluralsight is a very organized form of Online Education. It provides step by step learning to all.

I will like to suggest Pluralsight if you want to have a real-time project experience. A person looking for a job would be ideal for this. The projects will enhance your skills and provide real-time experience working. The certification could also be added on your LinkedIn profile.

You could also choose Pluralsight if you are a student seeking a job. By doing a few projects, it will give you experience and confidence to build your resume.

If you don’t know how to choose a course check this article.

Over To You

I hope you have got a better idea about which platform you should opt for.

Let me know in the comments below which is the platform you have opted for?