Review of Pluralsight – Do You Really Need It?

Review of Pluralsight – Do You Really Need It?

You might be looking for Review of Pluralsight. You might be wondering if Pluralsight platform is good & light for you.

You will find the Pros & Cons of Pluralsight in this post. By the end of this article, you will know if you should invest in this technology learning platform or not.

Pluralsight Courses

Review of Pluralsight

About Pluralsight

Pluarlsight is an E-Learning platform where you can buy technology courses & can update your skills. It could be a good platform when someone wants to learn new technology or update their skill.

It was founded in 2004. But at the starting, it was just a classroom teaching platform. Then Pluralsight saw the demand for online coaching. They want to attend a bigger audience & hence moved for the online platform. They slowly started their courses online. Now, they have more than 7000+ courses on their platform. 

It is available for personal use & also for co-operate sector usage. In a single use, only a single person can get access to the platform. For cooperate use, a firm can get access to the platform & they can further give access to their employees.

Pluralsight is headquartered in Utah, USA. Since moving to online in 2007, they have never looked back. Pluralsight became public & you can suggest its growth through its growing prices. It is traded on NASDAQ

With all said, let’s see the actual Pluralsight Analysis.

I will first discuss the good side of the platform.

Pluralsight Pros

1. All Courses In Just One Subscription

Pluralsight provides access to all the courses present on its website from just one subscription. You can learn as many courses as you like. You don’t need to pay for each course separately. With just one subscription we can get access to huge no. of courses published on the platform. Just pay once & you are good to go. This is one of the best USP (Unique Selling Point) of this platform.

2. Great Quality Of Videos Lessons

One of the biggest advantages of choosing “Pluralsight” is that it controls the quality of the content or lessons (as they like to call) themselves. The quality of contents is fully controlled by the website themselves. Because of that reason, the quality of lessons is up to its mark. “Pluralsight” have great content videos you can get knowledge from.

3. Limited Authors

“Pluralsight” has an advantage in this sector. There are only specific numbers of authors available for each topic on “Pluralsight”. This platform makes sure that there aren’t any creepy authors available. You don’t see a junk of authors. The selection criteria of the authors are very strict. This helps them in maintaining a good standard of authors only.

4. Pluralsight Free Trial

This is one of the most interesting & unique features of “Pluralsight”. They offer a free trial of 10 days. So you can get an overview of the lessons on the platform. You can actually watch free lectures for 10 days. If you find it useful, you can continue further by paying them. If you don’t like to continue further, you can always skip.

Pluralsight Free Trials

5. Support from Mentors or Authors

Whenever you get a doubt on the topic that you are studying, you can get it clear from Experts. Ask these doubts from the mentors or authors in the forum. Clear your doubts from the huge No. of experts available. The questions may be from basic level to advance level. They are there to help you in every respect.

6. Knowledge on the Go

Nobody in this world would like to carry their laptop with them everywhere. So there is a solution for that from “Pluralsight”. They have a mobile application as a solution to this problem. We can always watch the videos from our smartphone through their app & can get the knowledge with very ease.

Pluralsight Apps

7. Offline Access

One of the good features of “Pluralsight” is that whenever you can go out of network coverage, you can always switch to offline mode. This platform provides a unique feature of offline access. You just need to download the videos & you can access it at any time, anywhere.

8. Large No. of Courses

There are tons & tons of courses available on this platform to choose from. There is almost every course available on the platform in terms of technology. You get access to 5000+ no. of courses & we can try to learn new technology.

9. Highly Specific Content

The content of the courses is highly specific. If there is one content on a topic, it will be on that topic only. It will explain all the parts of that topic from basic level to advance in a very simple & easy way. If you want to get highly specific content on any topic then it is worth trying. You can learn almost everything in the field of technology be it technology from I.T., or from software or from manufacturing design, etc. One platform for all your learning.

10. Easy to Understand

The content explained by the instructors is very easy to understand. The instructors are highly professional & trained in their respective fields. The instructor could explain very difficult topics in a very simple & attractive way. If you listen to them there wouldn’t be any doubts left.

Bonus Tips

Everyone likes to have some bonus or free things. Here is 2 bonus thing that you can get access.

1. Certification

If you want to get certified than Pluralsight might help you in this step. Learn from the simple video lectures on this platform, take the exam & get pass the exam. After passing the exam you will earn the highly valuable certificate from “Pluralsight”. The certificate from this website is highly valuable in the industry & help you in landing a job or in your promotion.

2. Well-Defined Steps of Learning

If you don’t know where & how to start a course, then this platform has a well-defined step in which you can learn the technology from the beginner level to the most advanced level with ease. You don’t need to wonder if how can you start learning the technology.

As a coin has two sides, so is this with each & everything within the world happens.

With all the positive side of the platform, there are also some negative sides of this online learning platform as below:-

Top 3 Cons of Pluralsight

1. Costly For Some Guys

If someone is on the tight budget & wants to learn the new technology than “Pluralsight” could become costly for them. This is the major drawback of this platform.

2. No Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee is not applicable. If someone pays the money & is not satisfied with the course content than there is no policy that the person will get his/her money back.

3. Lock-In

Once we made the payment & started learning the technology & if we don’t like the course or we find something better on technology that we are learning that we can’t go back & cancel our membership. We are just locked as our hard-earned money has been invested.

Final Thoughts

I have tried my best to give a review of Pluralsight. For me, it worked like a charm. There are lots of things that I have learned from Pluralsight. If we look at the positive side of this platform than the negative side lacks far behind positive.

I would like to Pluralsight to every firm. Giving training to their employee would be a fruitful thing in the long run. The employee will be trained in the latest technology. This could give many fold return to the organization. 

Every organization needs trained employees. This is the formula for development.

The Individual might also benefit a lot from this platform.

Over To You

Now, I want to know your thoughts about this platform.

Do let me know in the comments below.