How To Choose Best Pluralsight Subscription For Yourself

How To Choose Best Pluralsight Subscription For Yourself

Some people might don’t know which Pluralsight subscription they want to take.

This is one of the basic questions that can come up to your mind. To make you buy right Pluralsight subscription plan, I came up with the post.

Pluralsight has a subscription plan for both Individual & Companies. Pluralsight has a different plan for your personal learning & for your company (or the company that you work for).

The technology is changing very rapidly. We all need to adapt to the change or otherwise we will be wiped out from the industry soon. We always need to keep learning. The industry too needs to train their workers. So Pluralsight comes with the solution for both – Individual & Cooperates courses.

I have seen that lots of confusion about Pluralsight subscription model. You might not know which one is good for you or which plan is best suitable for you?

But first of all, if you are unaware of Pluralsight, then check this article.

The Pluralsight subscription pricing depends upon the plan that you have opted for. Every plan has its own use & application. Each plan has been designed to caters ones need. You can buy a plan according to your need.

So in this article of mine, I will be explaining all about Pluralsight subscription cost, suitable plan for you or how can you select the best plan for yourself, the types of subscription available & how can you choose it.

Pluralsight Subscription Cost

Pluralsight subscription plan varies upon you. It depends on how much you are willing to expand. There is a plan for every budget. The costing also depends on-“if you are taking a plan for personal use or taking the subscription as a business owner for your team”. Here I will list different plan below:-

1. Personal Plan

There are 3 plan in this:-

I. Monthly Plan ($29/month)

This is the monthly plan with $29 per month. (Pluralsight Pricing).

Pluralsight Personal subscription plan

Ideal Person For This Program – This plan is ideal for professionals who want to grasp knowledge about new technology. They are having some knowledge idea the field but want to extend their expertise in that domain. For professionals like these, they can take a subscription for a few months (like 2-3 months) & can learn the technology with ease.

For Example – if you are having the knowledge about “Front-End Development” & want to learn “Back-End development” then this could be ideal for you.

Likewise – if you know the insight statistics used in “Data Science” but you are not having any knowledge about programming then you may like to take a course in “Python Programming or Excel or R programming”. This course will last for only a few months.

From the above-given example, you might get some idea about the type of person who can opt for this program. This could be the best plan for the short term learning if you are having some prior knowledge.

II. Annual Plan ($299 / year)

This plan is the basic annual plan with costing of $299/year.

Ideal Person For This Program – This plan could be great for a student who wants to learn inside out of technology. The students who are having little to no knowledge about the field can opt for this program. They can learn any technology from scratch without having any prior knowledge.

pluralsight annual plan

Let me explain this through an example

if you want to be a “Full Stack Developer” & you have no knowledge about the field then this would be a good option for you. You can learn both “Back-End & Front-End” programming at your own pace.

If you want you can also take some courses for the basic idea of programming. So in this way, the plan could be best for you.

Lets me take another example

You heard about “Data Science” & you want to learn this technology & you have no previous knowledge about the field. In this case, taking up an annual subscription could be best for you.

You can learn various insights about the field. The knowledge you learn could range from basics Stats to a high level of programming. You definitely want to learn about – Mathematics, Statistics, Python coding, Excel & R programming.

Similarly, you can learn various new technologies from zero & make a good & promising career in that.

III. Premium Plan ($449/Year)

The premium plan is priced at $449 per year. This plan comes with some additional features.


Who should opt for the Premium plan

This plan is suitable for the individual who wants to showcase their skills in their resume, be it students or individuals. The plan is best suited for an individual who wants to get hands-on real time experience or who wants to get certification to help them with the job. If you fall in either of the categories then it could be good to go for you.

The two main features of this plan that you want to look at are as follows:-

a. Projects – you go the required skills & wants to apply it on the project but where to get the project you have no idea. In this, the plan could be ideal for you. This makes it stand out. This could be best if you want to have a real-time experience working on projects of your domain. This could enhance your skills.

b. Certifications – Certificates are the best way to show your skills to potential recruiters. The certificates could add extra value to your resume. Having certificates could provide your preference. So it is good to add to your resume.

Pluralsight Personal Plan

The above-mentioned things (Projects & Certifications) could be helpful for you in landing the job or could be helpful to excel in your career.

2. Business Plan

If you own a business then training & updating the skills of your employees to could be keen for your business. It helps your business to adapt to the changes quickly. The plans in this category are as follows:-

I. Team ($499/year per user)

This plan comes with the annual subscription plan of $499 per user. Who can go for this plan – A small set of the team would be ideal for this plan. In this plan, you can get Team Performance Tracking, Team Management, and Certification for Practice Exam. Tracking of team performance is simple for a small team in this plan.

II. Enterprise ($699/year per user)

This plan comes with an annual subscription plan of $699 per user. This could be most valuable to an enterprise.

pluralsight business plan

Who can opt for this plan

This plan could be a good deal for the big enterprise. You can get better control over the platform. Tracking the performance of employees in a big firm could be tough & this plan can help in solving this problem. We can get advance skills analytics, API access, with data export option.

All these options could help you in better tracking of your team skills.

You can check this article if you want to know about Pluralsight Costing in Details

Final Thoughts

As you can see, from the above article that there is a plan for every need. It totally depends upon your need what you want to learn. You can learn pretty much everything & anything. There is a plan for both short-term learning and even long-term learning.

Over to You

So, which subscription you planned to opt for.

Do let me know in the comments below.