The Ultimate Guide To Pluralsight Pricing And Cost

The Ultimate Guide To Pluralsight Pricing And Cost

You will find the details of Pluralsight pricing this post. It includes information about individual & business plans and their respective costs.

The price of Pluralsight plans varies with geography; it is different for different countries. The fee also varies with the membership plan –  Pluralsight offers various plans for business enterprises and individuals.

As an example, you can buy a personal plan for as low as USD $19.00 per month in India, whereas an enterprise license could cost up to USD $779.00 per year in the USA. The fee for UK, Europe, and the rest of the World is also varies.

Some people think that the earning on Pluralsight is expensive but I believe it is very competitively priced. You can enroll into any of its courses and practically learn anything by just paying th membership fee.

After reading this article, you will be able to determine which Pluralsight payment plan fits within your budget and how much money do you need to invest for different options. You will be able to decide which plan is right for you or your company to buy.

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Pluralsight Pricing Plans and Cost

Should You Invest Money in Pluralsight?

Pluralsight offers industry-leading online learning platform. It is one of the best platforms to learn new technologies. It can be used by  Individuals, organizational teams, and corporate groups to pursue creative and technical training courses.

Pluralsight is most suitable for IT administrators, software developers, testers, architects, and designers. It offers courses on many technical subjects like

  • IT operations
  • Web designing
  • Mobile apps
  • Data & Security
  • Programming

Pluralsight courses are designed to suit students at different skill levels. It provides good options for novices, intermediates & experts alike. The beginners can easily learn a new subject on this platform even if they do not have any prior knowledge about it.

There are 2 types of pricing plans offered by Pluralsight:

  1. Personal Plans – this is useful for the individual students
  2. Business Plans – this is useful for the company’s employees

Before we take a deep dive into these plans, let us take a look at their free trial.

Pluralsight Free Trial

Who does not love free? Every one does. A free trial is a good way to experience the benefits any product without spending money.

Pluralsight offers a fully featured free trial – you can test run Pluralsight’s personal learning plan for 10 days without paying any money. This way you will not need to worry about your investment going down the drain. If you don’t like Pluralsight, you can just cancel the membership and move on.

Pluralsight Free Trials

I would suggest you take Pluralsight’s free trial before taking their actual plan. This way you can judge the quality and worthiness of their content. You would know whether the courses offered by them are relevant for you or not.

Don’t wait! Just create an account and try Pluralsight free for 10 days.

Cost For Individuals

This plan is best for the individuals. You can learn & upgrade your skills easily and quickly by opting for this plan.

After taking personal plan subscription, you can enroll in any Pluralsight course.

However, before starting a new course, I would suggest you take a short IQ test. This test will help you identify your weak & strong areas. After completing the IQ test, you can follow the learning path and courses suggested by Pluralsight.

Pluralsight offers the Personal Plan in 3 different variants. The cost of these plans change from country to country but these plans are quite pocket-friendly.

Pluralsight Personal Plan

1. Monthly Plan Ranges From USD $19 – $35

This is the cheapest plan available on this platform. It is billed monthly. The main features of this plan are shown in the figure below:


Pluralsight Plan offering

This plan is best suited for individuals who have a tight budget and just want to learn one or two skills in a short period of time.

2. Annual Plan Ranges From USD $159 – $299

This plan provides the same features as the above plan. But, you will get an additional discount for taking the annual pricing plan.

This plan is good for students and people who are seeking jobs. It is also useful for young people who have just started their jobs and want to move up in their career quickly. In this plan, you will get access to all the courses for the whole year.

3. Premium Plan Ranges From USD $239 – $449

This is a premium plan for individuals. It is also billed annually but it comes with a host of additional features.

Pluralsight Premium

The additional features of this plan are as below.

The premium plan is best suited for the job-seekers.

This plan comes with practice exams and projects that will hone your skills to the next level. The projects can give an edge to your resume and assist you in landing a job.

The premium plan provides you with extra practice exams, projects, and interaction with experts. This plan will not only increase your knowledge but also provide you hands-on experience. It is also possible for you to directly contact and interact with the experts to resolve your queries.

Cost For Businesses and Teams

This plan is basically for businesses and companies. They can use it to upskill and train their employees in new technologies. This way they can adapt to the fast-changing technology around the world and keep ahead of the completion.

Pluralsight Business Plan

Pluralsight offers the Business plan in 2 different variants.

1. Professional Plan ($499/- per year per user)

This is a basic business plan. Here is the feature.

Pluralsight Professional plan

At the initial stages of establishment, this plan is best suited for small business and enterprises. If you are in a similar stage of your business cycle then you should go for this plan.

Before buying this plan you should take a look at the other plan as well.

2. Enterprise Plan ($699 per user per year)

This plan is the most advanced plan from Pluralsight. It comes with a lot of features. The features are listed in the image below.

This plan is ideally suited for big cooperate houses or companies who are focused on developing an extra skillset among its workforce.

Cost for Pluralsight Mentors

Pluralsight provides mentoring support to students at an extra cost. This feature is very unique to Pluralsight and is generally not available on other eLearning platforms. By using this feature, you can get assistance from hundreds of expert mentors. They will help you in clearing up any doubts that you may have or solve your questions.

Mentorship is a paid feature. You need to pay $1/min for expert guidance. You can extend it to as much time duration as you need.

This guidance literally works wonders if you get stuck in any subject or are unable to grasp certain concepts.

Final Thoughts

Pluralsight is a big company. It is listed on NASDAQ.

Pluralsight provides an excellent platform to learn technical courses from the convenience of your home. It is one of the fastest-growing eLearning platforms.

I would recommend you to start Pluralsight free trial today! There is nothing to lose. You can experience the quality of its courses and test run its features. If you don’t like its offering, you can always opt-out. On the other hand, if you like it you can extend the subscription.

Over To You

What do you feel about Pluralshight as an online learning platform? Do you think it is worth your time and money?

I would love to hear from you.