How To Exploit Pluralsight Courses To Boost Your Career?

How To Exploit Pluralsight Courses To Boost Your Career?

You will get to know which Pluralsight Courses can help you in upgrading your career.

A few times an ago, I was just checking something over the internet. There, I saw a lot of question around Pluralsight courses & it’s working mechanism.

People were asking questions like – Which Pluralsight program is right for them? or Which Course one should take? Some of them were also asking – What is a learning path in Pluralsight?

I gave a thought & said to myself, “I need to answer these query”. This prompted me to write this article & clear these doubts about Pluralsight.

If you are also among one of them, you must read the article till the end.

At the time of writing this post, there are more than 200+ courses path & thousands of courses.

Having a lot of options is a good thing.

Or is it?

It just increases the confusion.

Pluralsight Courses & Learning Paths

The Courses

Pluralsight has courses related to new technology. The range & option of courses is effectively large & more than enough for you. But again new courses Keep uploading each week. The types of are listed below:-

  1. Software Development
  2. IT Ops
  3. Creative Professional
  4. Data Professional
  5. Architecture & construction
  6. Manufacturing & Design
  7. Business Professional
  8. Information & Cyber Security

Pluralsight Course categories

As you could see, there are literally broad categories of video. There is a course for every need. 

They mostly target IT related course. So, if you want to make a career in IT Field than only you should look for the platform.

These above are the broad topic available. If you go into any topic you will find various other sub-topics.

Suppose if you choose “Software Development” (as a category) & click through it you will find various software program. These programs contain courses like –

  1. Angular
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. Android Development
  5. C#
  6. C++
  7. & many more

This similar model applies to all other broad categories available on this platform. You just need to select the category & the course & you are good to go.

Depending upon your need choose the courses.

The courses offered by Pluralsight are of great demand in the industry. They are high paying technology as well.  

The Learning Paths

Having a dedicated learning path could help in saving our time. And time is precious in this world. You don’t need to search around what you have to learn next. Instead of searching for the path, you can purely focus on learning. This makes Pluralsight stand-out in the crowd.

Pluralsight has very dedicated learning path. You just need to follow the path & rest is taken care by Pluralsight itself. There is a course for every level be it Beginners, Intermediate & Expert.

In my personal opinion, paths are important than that of 1 course.

With learning paths, you can learn from basic level to advance level. & it doesn’t costs more. 

For learning paths to decide you can choose or you can have “Skill IQ”. Skill IQ defines your learning level & accordingly assists you to have the right track of learning.

With the learning path, you can become a job-ready person. You can learn many skills & complete some projects as well. These are very helpful to test your knowledge.

Pluralsight & Your Career

Choosing & focusing on the right kind of courses could be very beneficial. I know what kind of knowledge you want to acquire & it could be also helpful in saving some amount of time.

Finding what you need will help you to filter out all the unwanted kind of stuff that you don’t want to focus on. Keeping your focus on the right kind of knowledge will help you to find to grow in your field.

If you are still unsure about choosing a course than I can guide you through some examples.

As I can only give a few examples but you can take that example & applies in your own field.

  • Web Developer – if you want to become a web developer than some of the few courses that you want to have are below:-
    1. HTML
    3. ASP.NET
    4. CSS

Could not find any idea. So, has a look at another example below:-

  • Big Data – So becoming a Big Data Expert could be a great step in the step ahead. So to become a big data expert some of the following courses that you want to look at:-
    1. Tableau
    2. AWS (Amazon Web services)
    1. Hadoop
    2. SQL
    3. Building Block Of Hadoop
    4. Apache
  • Designer – If you want to become a good designer, learning 1 thing is not a good option. You need to learn a group of technology. Some of them are as below: –
  1. Adobe 
  2. CSS
  3. HTML    

Final Thoughts

Pluralsight can be exploited to fully by any means. We can use Platform to learn many new & exciting things. You can take the path & complete some projects to make a portfolio which could help you in the job.

Use the methods described in the article to make the course really worth for you.

Over To You

Which courses do you prefer to choose?

Do let me know in the comments below about your thought about Pluralsight.