Lynda Review – Is It worth Your Pricing?

Lynda Review – Is It worth Your Pricing?

You will get detailed Lynda review in this article.

I am a technology enthusiast. I believe in learning for life. It is not a thing to stop. I mean it’s a life-long process.

I always write on various other platforms including Quora & Medium.

I thought of writing a review on Lynda as there is no much information available.

It is one of the platforms from where you can learn & Choose courses online.

This review talk about Lynda courses, it’s pros & cons & many more

Lynda Review – A Detailed Review

LinkedIn Learning (formerly is an American “MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)” website. It provides online Video courses in various field. The field on this platform is taught by Industry Experts.

It is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning has been founded by Lynda Weinman in the year 1995 before being acquired by LinkedIn.

You can see it is one of the oldest companies in this field.

Now, LinkedIn has been acquired by Microsoft & Lynda has been changed to “LinkedIn Learning.”

Its just name has changed but features are the same.

LinkedIn learning provides a wide range of courses for its subscriber. There are varieties of options to choose from. Have a look at different courses from LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning Online Courses

LinkedIn learning provides a wide range of course options. You can choose any kind of technical course on this platform. Apart from the technical course, LinkedIn Learning also has some course for the non-technical background like – Marketing, Photography, Etc.

LinkedIn Learning provides courses on the following subjects: –

  1. Software Development
  2. Design
  3. Business
  4. Web Development
  5. Photography
Lynda Online Course

There are more than 4000+ courses available on this platform. So, you can basically learn any kind of course from this platform. The course on this platform has been designed by Industry Expert & it seems that good knowledge in their subject.

Learning Tracks

Learning track of LinkedIn Learning is one of the best things about this platform. You just need to select a course & you are good to go with the course.

Let me give you a brief idea about its working: –

You just choose a subject or course that you want to learn. You will find a course with its total duration. Now you can just open the lectures & go with the flow of the course. You will learn every topic within that field with that track.

This is very powerful in my thought. You don’t have to run here & there to get the information. The course is not fragmented & bundled in one piece. It is like a piece of cake – just open the cake & eat it as a whole.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing

LinkedIn Learning Free trials

LinkedIn Learning does provide us with a free trial. The free trial is valid for 1-Month. The free trial is a good way to know if the course suits you or not. With the free trials, you will get to know the insights of LinkedIn Learning.

You can learn a lot of information about the course quality, accent & tone of instructor & their knowledge.

Knowing this is a great way to reduce unwanted course from on your side. This could be a great belief when you actually buy the course. Before taking its subscription, you will know, what you will be going to get from this platform.

LinkedIn Learning Subscription Plan

You can go for a subscription plan, once your trial is over. If you like this platform you can opt for its subscription plan. The subscription plan varies according to your plan.

Let’s have a look at its subscription plan. There are 2 types of subscription plan: –

  1. Individual
  2. Corporate

Let’s me describe you all the plans one-by-one.

  • Individual Plan – This is the plan made especially for a single person. If you want to learn solo you can go for it.

There are 2 categories in this plan: –

  • Monthly Plan ($29.99) – you need to pay $29.99/month. If you don’t want to continue in any particular month, you can easily discontinue it.
  • Yearly Plan ($24.99/month) – You can greatly reduce your costs if you choose the annual plan. The fees will be charged once for a year. If you break the fees, you will know that you have to pay $24.99/ month.

This plan will be charged annually.

Lynda Pricing

This is really cheap.

  • Corporate Plan – If you own a company & wants to train your employees to the latest technologies then you can join this plan. This could be beneficial to you as your team members will be updated with the latest technology.

This could help you in the long run as you will always have your team ready for the new technology. You don’t need to invest in new employees.

There is only one price in this range – $350/ user. This price is fixed & can’t be changed. You need at least 10 members to start with their corporate plan.

Pros & Cons

Let’s me now give you a quick Pros & Cons. Everything in this world has some good as well as bad things.


Let’s me first give you Pros (Positive) points about LinkedIn Learning: –

  1. You will get a Certificate – LinkedIn Learning provides a certificate to its user. Whenever you complete watching a course you will be awarded “Certificate of Completion”. This certification can be shown to your potential employers.
  2. Learning from Industry Expert – The instructors on LinkedIn Learning are industry expert. The instructors have to pre-qualified to upload their courses. You can also view their credentials & achievements. This could be very helpful in sorting the less qualified instructors.
  3. The convenience of Study – Learning from home has its own advantages. Of course, now joining a class could be a good social experience. But if you want to learn in your free time, then this is just best for you.

There’s nothing like sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop, sipping java and eating pastries (only the healthy ones) and learning how to use Storyline, Captivate or Photoshop with Lynda’s excellent online software tutorials.

4. It’s affordable for everyone – The pricing of LinkedIn Learning has been made in such a way that it fits in every pocket. The pricing is very simple & they have tried their best to keep pricing under control.

5. Helps you In Job Search – Are you looking for a job or job change? LinkedIn learning can help you with that. Let’s see how this happens?

LinkedIn learning adds credentials to your LinkedIn Profile. This means your profile would be in front of thousands of potentials employers.

Whenever any employer search for any specific certificate related candidate, your profile will be shown first.

6. Learn on the go with Lynda Mobile App – Lynda comes with the mobile application. You can learn anytime, anywhere with the mobile application. You can learn while sitting in a park or in your free time while waiting for your friends to arrive.


There are some drawbacks of this platform as well.

  1. No Review Of Courses – LinkedIn Learning does not allow a user to give any kind of rating or reviews to the courses. This is one of the problems with this platform. The rating could be helpful in sorting what kind of problems does a user as you will face.
  2. No Lifetime Access – Once your subscription period is over, you can no longer access to any videos from their platform. There is no lifetime access to the courses. Your access to their platform ends as soon as your subscription ends or expires.
  3. No Project – Very few courses on Lynda has projects for hands-on practice. This limits the learning as you will be deprived of a real-time project.

Final Thought

I would like to say “This is a great platform to learn new technologies from Industry Expert.” There are some negative points to all the things. But its positive points overshadow negative points. This could be very effective in learning new technologies. The biggest plus of this is that you will learn from industry experts.

Over To You

let me know in the comments which courses do you want to buy.