Is Udemy A Scam? All You Need To Know

Is Udemy A Scam? All You Need To Know

Is Udemy a Scam? I will try to answers related to this.

When it comes to Udemy there is lots of doubts & misconception revolving around the internet. You might think of questions like – How good are Udemy courses? Or Is Udemy legit? or even is it worth to take a course on Udemy?

You will get to know all the answers to all the above questions in this article.

When I came to know about Udemy in my 3rd year of engineering. I was just amazed by the platform. I saw lots of courses on the platform that’s too very affordable. I can get a course for as low as $10.

Udemy is an ocean of online courses. You will get tons & tons of courses on this platform. You just name it & you will find it on Udemy. You will find courses like Data Science, AWS, Machine Learning & almost all the technical courses. Not only this, you will be able to find some hobbies courses like Cooking, Dancing, Painting, Playing Musical Instruments like – Guitar, etc.

While searching on the internet I see some of the rumors about this platform. This made to write the article & clear your doubts & rumors about Udemy.

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So, on this note, let’s move forward & find more insights of Udemy.

Is Udemy a Scam?

Let’s dive into deeper & see if Udemy is really a scam or not?

About Udemy

Udemy is founded in the year 2010 by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar & Gagan Biyani. Udemy does not work just an academic MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). In many ways, it is just opposite to that of MOOCs. MOOCs have academic teacher-led courses, whereas Udemy has lessons led by instructors’ experts.

Udemy Courses

When it comes to Udemy there are 100,000+ courses with the 8,000+ instructor teaching the lessons. So, there is definitely lots of wheat to separate from the chaff. You might sometime find it difficult to choose the right course. This poor selection, of course, has led to rumors that Udemy is Scam.

Udemy is one the platform that is ideally free for course creator. Creating a course on Udemy does require any experience. You can just come & create a course. If your course is good you might become “Top Seller” or “Best Seller” on Udemy.

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Is Udemy Legit?

There are tons & tons of courses on Udemy. Some of them are really good (You should look for those courses), while others are not that good. So, it depends on you, which course do you select. If you don’t know how to select the course on Udemy, check this article.

Before answering “Udemy is it worth it”, there are some of the points that need to be discussed. Let’s discuss it one-by-one & I will answer to the above question after this section.

Top 5 Benefits of Udemy: –

1. Udemy Course Prices – when it comes to pricing of Udemy, it is one of my favorite platforms. Though the prices range from $20-$199.99, most of the time you can buy the course from $10 to $14. This is really cheap if you want to learn something new on a budget.

Udemy Course Price

2. Course Support – The support is provided by Udemy Instructors themselves. The Instructor might provide you support through Chat or Via E-Mail. Sometimes instructors are live on certain days & time when you can post your query to them. But the point to be noted here is that the support features depends on Instructors. They might enable or disable it.

3. Course Access – The courses you buy from Udemy is for a lifetime. It means once you buy the course, it will stay with you forever. It is generally lifetime access for a course. As long as the course is available, you can watch it unlimited times. It could help, when you want to brush up on some skills later in your career. If you forget something, just have a look at that part of the video.

Udemy Lifetime access

4. Instructors-Led Course – As I have told previously, the course on Udemy is led by instructors which are Industry-Leaders. It could be one of the best things for you to learn from the experts. This is good as they could provide you with some good practical insights about your course.

5. Udemy Certificate – Udemy provides a certificate at the end of course lessons. When you complete the lessons, you will be provided with “Certificate Of Completion”. This certificate reflects that you have completed the course but doesn’t reveal if you have gained the knowledge or not.

Udemy Certificate

As you have seen the Top 5 Benefits of Udemy. But Udemy has lots more than these 5, You can check here.

Udemy Benefits

You can see the other benefits in the pictures above.

Now, let give an answer to your questions. The question was like – “is Udemy a scam?”

No, Udemy is not a scam at all. It is an online platform which provides a course to learn from. It provides legit courses option to choose from. You can just pay for the courses & can enjoy the courses at your own convenience.

You might also think “are Udemy courses any good?”

The Udemy courses are really good to get some insight into new technology. It will also help you get updated with the latest technology. The courses are provided by Industry Expert, which might have several years of experience. You can learn from these experts at a very cheap price. If you like their courses, you can buy their courses or from another Instructor on Udemy.

One of the cons that I would like to mention here is the lack of Real-Time Projects. Udemy does not provide any projects for hands-on experience. Projects could help you to check your knowledge. These projects if provided could take your knowledge to the next level. You can see if you can apply that knowledge in practical experience or not.

But this depends on how you perceive these learning. You can take the help of online platform like GitHub, & take the necessary projects. These kinds of projects will help you to create your portfolio. These portfolios reflect your talent. These could also help you to get a job or secure a Freelance Project

Final Thoughts

With all said, let me give you my final thought about this platform. Udemy is one of the most interesting platforms. There are 1000s of courses with 100s of instructors on this platform. You can choose any course on this platform. It is like an All-In-One solution for your online learning.

You might argue that you can learn from YouTube, the free course of learning. But let me tell you the videos are not very much Standardized. It might take a long time to learn from free sources of learning like – YouTube.

I would like to you suggest you buy a course from Udemy as it is very cheap & provides you with Step-by-Step learning. It is like a value pack.

Over To You

Hope you have got the answer to your question. I have tried my best to clear your doubts. If still you have any doubts left the comment below & I will try to answer those questions.