Is Pluralsight Worth It? 7 Factors That You Should Consider

Is Pluralsight Worth It? 7 Factors That You Should Consider

You are reading this which means you must be thinking – is Pluralsight worth it? Are Pluralsight Certificates worth anything? How good is Pluralsight? Well, you are going to get the answer to all these questions in this article.

If you want to get a quick an answer is Pluralsight worth the money – My answer is “Yes”. It is an online education platform which provides quality education to all. There is a monthly fee that needs to be paid. You can get more information here.

However, depending upon your needs, it may or may not be the right platform for you. This platform mostly focuses on IT-related technology. If you want to learn these technologies, then go for it. But however, you don’t want to miss out below-mentioned factors before taking its subscription.

Why Do I Think Is Pluralsight Worth It Or Not?

The online industry is growing day-by-day. There are many platforms that have evolved. But, Pluralsight has made a special place in the world.

It Helps in Upgrading Your Career.

Pluralsight comes with a USP. It provides all courses in a single subscription.

What does it mean?

As long as your subscription is on, you can learn anything on Pluralsight. You can try your hand on different technologies. Learn as much as you can. There is no stoppage for learning.

That’s a cool feature. Isn’t it???

How Is Pluralsight Going to help you?

It becomes very handy to get all the courses in a single subscription. Now, you don’t have to run searching for different courses. You will get all the courses in a single package.

It will be helpful to save your time & money.

As with Pluralsight, you don’t have to take different courses. You can learn everything on this platform.

This has saved a lot of time & money for me. Taking separate courses for each subject is a headache for me. I had to invest lots of time in searching for a course that fits my requirement. Then there comes Pluralsight.

With the help of Pluralsight, I no longer have to search for different courses. Just take one Pluralsight Subscription & you are good to go.

With its subscription, you can take any courses that you want. There is no limitation on that. So, I can learn Coding & Designing in one platform with one subscription.

In short, Pluralsight saves me from the pain of searching for new courses each time. This also helps me to save lots of money. As taking separate courses was a bit costly.

Not only this, with Pluralsight lectures you can learn a lot.

This could also help you in career improvement.

You can learn & implement these in your professional life.

Pluralsight could help you with Promotion or shaping your career. You can learn new technology & switch into that.

But again, it depends upon you & your hard work.

There are lots of advantages.

But, actually how can do it?

Let’s discuss in the section below.

How To Use Exploit Pluralsight For Career Advancement?

Let me discuss How To Use Pluralsight For Maximum Benefit?

1. Take Free Trials

Pluralsight does provide Free Trial to its user. The trial lasts for 10 days. Within this trials period, you can watch the videos lectures. These lectures will be helpful in deciding if Pluralsight fit you or not. With the help of these lectures, you will get an overview of the platform.

Free Trial

If you get to know how good is Pluralsight?

Is Free Trial Really Helpful?

I guess “Yes”. Let’s see how?

By taking the free trial, you will know a lot about Pluralsight, its lectures quality, etc. It will also help you to know if you really need Pluralsight or not.

But the end of Free Trial, you can subscribe to Pluralsight. There are lots of option available catering every need.

Note – Free trials last for about 200 Minutes. But I think this time is good enough to know about Pluralsight Quality.

2. Learning Tracks

What is that learning track?

Learning tracks is a guided path for any technology that will take you from beginner level to Expert level. This will guide what should learn after this completes. In this way, you can become an expert of that particular topics.

Pluralsight does that too. This could be very handy if you don’t know anything about a topic. Learning tracks will predict what you should be learning next. This will guide you from 0 levels to expert level.

With learning tracks, you don’t have to discover what to learn next. This could save a lot of time & effort as well.

3. Do a Comprehensive Study

Pluralsight is a great platform full of resources. It could be a great help to you.

In this competitive world, learning 1 or 2 technology is not good enough. You need to learn many other technologies to survive.

Example – let’s take Application development to understand this concept in a better way.

For application development learning just core programming is not good enough. You need to have a knowledge of the framework, database & User Interface (UI), etc. If you really want to nail it, you have to learn it all.

In this type of case, Pluralsight comes in handy. You can learn many technologies needed for your career growth. No other platform provides these types of features. With other platforms, you have to enroll for a different course each time.

If you want to know how much Pluralsight costs you, check here.

But, again it depends upon you. How you take courses & its learning.

Pluralsight Partnerships

Pluralsight can be partnered with many big firms. Some of them include – Google, Microsoft, IBM, Unity Game Developers, etc.

Pluralsight Partner

How do these partnerships help?

Pluralsight with their Partners has developed some very high-quality contents. The content focuses on partner technology. So, you can learn the latest technology on one platform. Many of these technologies are free to learn.

You can enjoy the latest technology in one place that’s too free of cost.

4. Take Support

Whenever you got stuck in any problem, get help from mentors. Mentors will always be there to help you out. You can literally ask anything from Beginner to expert level. Mentors will Happily help you out.

This could be a great help for a noobie. Often time, when you got stuck in any problem Mentors will be there. This saves a lot of time. And the time is worth everything in this world.

But sometimes selecting a course could be difficult. Follow some steps carefully & you can select best-suited course for yourself.

Note – You will be charged $1 for 1 min of help. But the quality is worth the money.

5. Pluralsight Projects

Projects are great if you want to increase your knowledge. They are very helpful to get an industry level experience. Pluralsight does provide projects to tackle. You can carry out projects on this platform to boost your knowledge.

Projects will also be helpful to make a portfolio. You can create a portfolio of work to show up. This will also your problem-solving skills.

These days, practical experience is more more than certificates. A real hands-on is more important than anything else.

Let me share a real example with you.

A friend of mine has tons of certificates. He has just focussed on collecting certificates from here & there. At the time of the interview, he couldn’t just answer a simple question.

While on the other hand, his younger brother has almost no certifications. Yet, his younger brother did pretty well in the same interview. He was the one who really knocked on the interview.

From this example, you can conclude that certification has very less value as compared to real-hands experience.

Yet certificates do matter to some extent & has its own credibility.

6. Pluralsight Certifications

Certificates could be important to showcase your knowledge. With proper certificates, you can show the whole world your knowledge. It will help you to recognize by the employer or help in promotions.

Pluralsight does provide “Certificate of completion” with all their courses. You will be awarded this certificate after completing each Course Fully. But you can also get some specialized certificates. Specialized certificates are in – CompTIA, ITIL, PMI, ISACA.

You can use your certifications on LinkedIn or any other platform for better career aspect.

7. Quizzes for Practice on Pluralsight

Another method to Boost your knowledge is Quizzes. They are great to check your learning. This will keep you on track of good learning.

You could check if you are lacking something or not. It lacks something just go back & master that thing.

You need to solve 15-20 minutes of the quiz after every topic. So, you will be solving quizzes on that topic. If you score good enough in that quiz, go ahead. But if somehow your score is not good enough, you need to revise that topic.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely take the points mentioned above to make your decision. I think the point will help you to take a decision on your own.

I want to add to the whole that Pluralsight will definitely help you to save you time & money. But on career advancement, it totally depends on you. I can just guide you. But you have to do all the hard work. You have to put all your efforts to make it happens.

I guess all these 7 points could help you make a decision.

You can decide on your own – is Pluralsight worth it or not.

Over to You

After looking at the factors above, what you thought about Pluralsight. Is it worth the money?

Do let me know in the comments below.

But, it never minds taking a Free Trial of this platform.