Is Pluralsight Worth It: Top 10 Benefits For Investing In Its Certificates

Is Pluralsight Worth It: Top 10 Benefits For Investing In Its Certificates

How would you answer if someone asks you “is Pluralsight worth it”?

You would obviously talk about the benefits of Pluralsight, tell him how good its courses are, and show him the value of its certificates. All these things are good but the real worth of anything can be judged by its results.

In this case, we can say Pluralsight is worth the money only if it can help us in our career – it can land us a good job or help us in getting a promotion.

I believe Pluralsight provides a lot of value to the career-oriented people. It has excellent courses that you can use to learn the latest technologies at a very low cost. You can participate in coding challenges and do simulated projects by buying its premium subscription. Furthermore, you can use its certificates to upgrade your career.

I have written this post so that you can fully exploit the potential of Pluralsight and get the maximum benefit from its online learning courses. You can also read my post on Pluralsight review for an in-depth analysis of Plurlsight’s advantages and disadvantages.

Why Do I Think Pluralsight Is Worth It?

The online education industry is growing day-by-day. There are many platforms that have evolved over last few years but Pluralsight is unique in many respects.

Let me talk about the top benefits of Pluralsight.

1. Test Run the Platform with a Free Trial

Pluralsight provides a free trial for 10 days. You can use this time period to evaluate & review its courses and test run its features. During the trail, you have unhindered access to all its courses and ca learn judge the quality of platform.

Free Trial

If you like what you saw in the free trial, you can buy its subscription.

2. Learn Anything Under a Single Subscription

Pluralsight works on a subscription oriented model. You can enroll into any of its courses as long as you are a subscribed member – you can try your hand at different technologies and learn as much as you can. Potentially your learning will never stop and you will be able to save a lot of time & money.

You can go to a platform like Udemy and buy courses. However, buying single courses can sometimes become a headache. First you need to search for 3-4 courses to learn a complete subject and then buy them separately. Ultimately, you may end up spending more money that you would have if you had take a single subscription with Pluralsght.

5. Do a Comprehensive Study

Pluralsight is a great platform to do a comprehensive study and learn everything completely.

In this competitive world, learning 1 or 2 technological skills is not good enough. The more you learn the better opportunities will come your way.

Let’s take application development to understand this concept.

For application development learning just one programming may not be good enough. To advance in your career, you need to have good knowledge of a few languages, scripting, frameworks, database, User Interface (UI), amd server technologies. Pluralsight gives the right platform to learn everything under a single subscription.

Lynda and Treehouse work on a similar model but they their own pros & cons.

4. Pursue a Learning Path

Pluralsight gives you an option to learn a subject as a whole. You can learn through a learning path – these are guided tracks, which take you from the beginner level to the expert level.

This feature can prove to be very handy if you don’t know anything about a subject. This, along with the Pluralsight Skill IQ, can expedite and enhance your learning.

5. Gauge Your Proficiency Level Trough Pluralsight Skill IQ

Pluralsight Skill IQ Is a free assessment test.

Pluralsight provides you an option to do small 20 questions assessment test that can be completed in less than 10 minutes. The test is available for almost all the technical subjects. You can measure your proficiency level (Novice, Proficient, or Expert) for a given technical skill this assessment test.

Pluralsight has a proprietary algorithm that takes your test score and statistically measures it against all the other candidates that took this test. The algorithm gauges your percentile score and determines your skill level. Based on your skill level, you can skip a few portions of a learning path.

6. Pluralsight Partnerships

Pluralsight has partnered with many big organizations to develop technical courses specific to them. Some of them include – Google, Microsoft, IBM and Autodesk.

Pluralsight Partner

Pluralsight has leveraged the partners’ knowledge-base to develop very high-quality content.

7. Take Support from Mentors

Pluralsight offers facility to contact expert mentors and take their guidance. This feature is extremely useful as deep learning requires expert help. You can contact a mentor when you are stuck on any problem. It is can save you some time and accelerate your learning.

8. Learn Practical Aspects by Doing Projects

These days practical experience is given importance over certificates. A real hands-on experience is more important than anything else. Pluralsight can help you in getting the practical experience and building an attractive resume.

You can learn practical aspects of programming by doing live projects under premium subscripton. They are very helpful for getting an industry level experience.

Let me share a real-life incident with you to help you understand better.

9. Do Course Quizzes for Learning Validation

All Pluralsight courses have 15-20 minute quiz after every topic. You can attempt these quizzes to validate your learning. If you score well in a quiz, you can go to the next topic, otherwise you can revise the topic to get more confidence.

10. Download Completion Certificates

The course completion certificates is the most important instrument to showcase and prove your knowledge. It will give you necessary recognition for career growth and job promotions.

Pluralsight provides completion certificate for all their courses. You will be awarded this certificate after completing each course. These certificates are recognized by World’s leading education bodies like CompTIA, PMI, and ISACA.


You can display your certificates on LinkedIn and seek new job opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Pluralsight provides a lot of benefits to career oriented people. Its courses are valuable and its certificates can enhance your chances of landing a good job. You can evaluate the worthiness of Pluralsight by taking its free trial. You can invest in its paid subscription only if you like its offerings.

Over to You

What do you think about Pluralsight? Do you thin it worth your time and provides value for your money? Do you think it can help you in getting a well paying job or can get you a promotion?

I would love to hear from you.