Is Coursera Legit? A Real & Quick Overview

Is Coursera Legit? A Real & Quick Overview

Is Coursera Legit? This is the one question that is flowing over the internet. You will answer in this article.

When it comes to Coursera, there is literally lots of confusion. There are questions like – are Coursera courses recognized or accredited or even courses are real? I will try to answer all these questions one-by-one & hope to clear-up your mind.

You can know more about Coursera here.

If you want to know in short, then “Yes” Coursera courses are accredited, legit & real.

But wait, wait–

Before you buy the courses, there are a few things that you need to check.

Let’s dive into deeper & try to find answers to those questions.

Is Coursera Legit?

Coursera is a good platform to learn from the world’s leading universities. It has been started in 2012 by Stanford Professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. It is one of the few MOOCs that provide Master Certificates. Not only this, but they also provide different certifications.

Coursera has never been started to replace traditional learning. The main aim of this platform is to update a person’s skills. The person who wants to learn & update themselves can use Coursera to their best.

What do I like about Coursera?

  1. Diverse Courses

There are literally tons of courses available on Coursera. You can find courses in Art, Business, Technology, etc. So, there are lots of option to choose from. There is a course for everyone.

There’s no doubt that Coursera provides an avenue to learn & expand your knowledge. [categories pics]

  1. Learning Opportunity

There is no need to go to a university personally & get the admissions done. You can do it through this platform.

This makes quality education very affordable. Now, you can get the learning from universities at your home. There are universities like – Stanford, Yale, Wharton to choose from.

You can complete your master degree while doing a job. That’s a good thing while doing work.

  1. Free Courses

Coursera has made a fan of their platform. For the simple reason, many of their courses are free to use. Not only this you can audit the courses at zero cost. That’s means, there wouldn’t be any charges to learn.

So, if you are not studying for certificates, then it’s a good option.

I have used the audit method, extensively to upgrade myself. I believe in learning more, not in certificates.

With that being said, let’s discuss the different types of courses offered by Coursera.

Coursera Certificates

All the certificates offered by Coursera has different usages. They are meant for different purposes.

Coursera mainly offers 3 major types of courses.

1. Verified Courses – These are the certificates of specific topics. For example – Wants to learn “MS Excel” then this is the certification for you. You can learn highly specific courses demanded in the industry.

Coursera certificate

2. Specialization Certificate – This is the series of courses in the certificate.

For example – To become a Data Scientist, you need to learn various topics like – Python, Statics, etc.

Courser Specialization certificate

This certification could be valuable to become a Full-Fletch Professional.

3. Master Degree – Coursera offers Master Degree in many different fields. You can learn & get your Master Degree from world’s top-ranking university.

Coursera Master Degree Plan

You can do your masters while doing a job.

Recognized – value & how can it help your job, etc.

Are Coursera Courses Recognized?

Coursera is one of the leading MOOC. It provides lots of courses.

Many of the leading firms do consider Coursera Courses. So, if you have got the right kind of knowledge & learning, the sky will be yours.

So, Yes, Coursera certificates are valid, real & recognized by institute & employers.

But again, it depends upon your learning & what you get from the course.

If you have done enough work & gain sufficient knowledge, then the only certificate will be useful.

Are Coursera Courses Accredited?

Short answer – Yes, it is accredited by universities.

You can use Coursera to get credits from the university. They will happily accept your credit.

You can use credits to use go for next year or may continue learning.

But may it sure, that they have this facility.

Instead of just focusing on getting the certificate, try to gain knowledge. Knowledge will be there for you as long as you live.

Final Thoughts

So, I want to conclude that Coursera is a good platform to learn. You can learn lots of skills from this platform. Coursera is accredited by universities. & approved by many firms. You can learn & get the skills going.

You can do your masters without leaving your job. Coursera can also help you with your promotion. It will also help you to get updated with the latest technology.

Coursera is a real platform. There is not any kind of Scam or Fraud with it.

Many people (including me) are using Coursera to learn or update the skills. You can try it yourself.

Over To You

So, do you want to take a Coursera course?

Do let me know in the comments below.