Is Coursera Legit? A Real & Quick Overview

Is Coursera Legit? A Real & Quick Overview

Is Coursera Legit? This is the one question that is flowing over the internet.

When it comes to Coursera, there is lot of confusion. There are questions like – are Coursera courses recognized or accredited and are their courses even real?

You can know more about Coursera here.

Is Coursera Legit?

About Coursera

Coursera is a platform which enables you to learn from the world’s leading universities. It started in 2012 by Stanford Professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University.

They both were professors at Stanford. They both wanted to make good quality education accessible to everybody around the world.  This motivated them to quit their jobs and start Coursera.

It is one of the few MOOCs that provide Master Certificates. Not only this, but they also provide many other different certifications.

Coursera doesn’t aim to replace traditional learning, but rather to provide education to those who aren’t able to gain access to it.  The main aim of this platform is to update a person’s skills.

Are Coursera Courses Accredited?

The direct answer to this question is yes, it is accredited by universities.

You can even use Coursera to get credits from universities.

In my opinion, instead of just focusing on getting a certification, it would be more beneficial to gain knowledge or to develop a new set of skills.

Are Coursera Courses Recognized?

Coursera is one of the leading MOOC. It provides lots of courses, catering to a wide variety of audience.

Many of the leading firms do consider courses done through Coursera legitimate.  So, if you have got the right kind of knowledge and skills, developed through this platform it could provide immense potential for career growth. .

So, Yes, Coursera certificates are valid, real and recognized by institutes and employers.

But once again, the effort you put into learning would matter significantly.

If you have enough work experience and sufficient knowledge, only then the certificate would prove to be useful.

Coursera Benefits And Advantages

1. Diverse Courses

There is a wide range of courses available on Coursera. You can find courses in Art, Business, Technology, etc. So, there are lots of options to choose from. There is a course to cater to every need.

There’s no doubt that Coursera provides an avenue to learn and expand your knowledge.

2. Coursera Universities

Coursera has partnered with a multiple universities all around the world. These include  Stanford, Duke, Princeton, etc.

Not only this, they have also partnered with top organizations like – Google, IBM, Intel, etc.

That makes this platform affiliated to some of the top universities and organizations.

3. Learning Opportunity

This platform helps you get quality education very affordable and convenient. The fee structures of the courses are considerably lower than that of a regular university. Along with that you can learn according to your time and at your convenience.

You can even complete your master’s degree while doing a job.

4. Free Courses

Many of the courses offered are free to use. Not only this you can audit the courses at zero cost. That’s means, there wouldn’t be any charges to learn.

So, if you are not studying for certificates, then tthis could prove to be a good option.

I have used the audit method, extensively to upgrade my knowledge base and develop my skills. It have proved to be extremely beneficial.

Coursera Certificates

All the certificates offered by Coursera have different purposes and hence are meant for different uses.

Coursera mainly offers 3 major types of courses:

1. Verified Courses

These are the certificates of specific topics. For example – if you want to learn “MS Excel” then there is the certification for you. You can learn highly specific courses that are in demand in the industry.

Coursera certificate

2. Specialization Certificate

These are  a series of courses that come along with certification to learn a subject or a skill as a whole.

For example – To become a Data Scientist, you need to learn various subjects like – Python, Statics, etc.

Courser Specialization certificate

These certifications could be valuable in becoming a professional in any industry.

3. Master’s Degree

Coursera offers Master’s Degree in many different fields. You get your Post graduate Degree from world’s top-ranking universities.

Coursera Master Degree Plan

You can do your masters while doing a job.

Final Thoughts

There is a plethora of knowledgeable courses available on Coursera.  Coursera is accredited by universities and approved by many firms.

You can complete your masters degree without having to leaving your job. Coursera can also help you with possible promotions or to get updated with the latest technology.

Many people are using Coursera to learn or update their skills. You should definitely try it yourself.

Over To You

So, do you want to take up a course on Coursera?

Do let me know in the comments below.