Edx Vs Coursera – Which One You Should Choose?

Edx Vs Coursera – Which One You Should Choose?

Edx and Coursera both online learning platform. They come something in common. But still differs a lot. 

Most of the people get confused between both the platform. 

Edx & Coursera are one of the few platforms that provide Certifications from University. You can simply learn anything from the university that you want. This could happen from the comfort of your home.

The platform is a blessing if you want to do higher education. These platforms are also handy when you want to learn something new or want to upgrade your skills.

Before going in the comparison of Edx Vs Coursera, let me give you a brief summary of both the plan.

Edx Vs Coursera

Coursera Brief Overview

Coursera provides college-style learning to its users. They have tied-up with some of the best university in the world. They provide learning from these universities.

You can get teaching from universities like – Stanford, Yale University, University of Michigan, Duke University, etc.

Coursera also provides a Master Degree in some of the disciplines. It does provide certificate courses for learning. You can earn these courses & certificates from some of the best universities in the world.

You can find suitable courses by applying a few tips and tricks.

The best part is that it also provides Financial Aid to you. Also, you can learn courses for free & can pay a small fee to get a certificate.

Edx Brief Overview

Edx founded in 2012 by “Harvard & Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. It currently has 1,900+ courses with 100+ reputed institute on its platform. There are 52+ millions of courses on its platform. It has very large options to choose from.

Edx has 5 different types of certificates that you can choose from. They also provide some credit for you to show in master degree. You can show up those credits at a specific university.

Edx has a broad large of the option to choose from. You can learn anything from Science & technology to lectures to Designing.

Side-By-Side Comparison Between Coursera And edX

Type of CoursesTechnical, Business, Personal Developemnt, etcTechnical, Food, Lectures
Type Of Certificate?Yes, Course Certificationyes, 5 Different Types
Course AuthorsFamous University's ProfessorUniversity & Tech Company
Approximate Number of Courses1,000+1,900+
Learning Path AvailableNoNo
Suitable ForPerson who like to Take University DegreeHiger Education
Instructors AssistanceYesNo
Technical SupportYesYes
Course SupportYesNo
Support Through ChatNoNo
Support Through MailYesNo

Video PlayerYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Top 5 Benefits

1Focussed CoursesVast Range of option
2Various Topics To ChooseVarious Topics to Choose
3Accredited Certificate5 Types of Certificates
4Instructors From Elite UniversityUniveristy From Around the world
5Higher Edcation - Master Degree AvaiableFinancial Aid
Detailed Review Coursera Review Edx Review
Course Package
Depends Upon course, But Many Are In Range of $39-$79 Per monthDepends on Course & certificate
DiscountsNo, But Financial Aid AvaiableFinancial Aid
Access PeriodsStill course Completion or 180 daysTill Course Completes
Course From Elite UniversityCourses from all over the world + Do Projects

Final Thoughts

Both edX and Coursera have partnerships from top-notch universities of the world. It depends upon you which platform suits you. 

You can learn from either edX with universities like – MIT and Harvard or from Coursera with universities like Stanford, Yale, etc.

Both platforms are good.

Who should Invest In Coursera?

You can join Coursera when you want to get certified with the top university in the world. You can complete your master degree from through this platform.

Who should Invest In Edx?

You can join edX if you want to join credits for your work. The credits can be shown to specific universities to get through 1st semester. 

You will also get certified from Elite University in the world.

Over To You

Which online learning platform you have planned to choose?

Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.