edX Review – Why Should You Buy It?

edX Review – Why Should You Buy It?

If you want to do higher education from best University around the globe without leaving your current job or your personal commitments, then you must look into edX.

edX provides University –level courses from some of the best university through-out the world. To view all the points of edX & to take all the juice, you should read this article. In this review of mine, you will be taking you through all the details about the edX courses, certificate, different types of courses & certificate, & many more.

What Is edx?

edX is the Massive Online Open Course (MOOC). It provides University level courses to students around the globe in a wide range of disciplines. There are more than 1900 courses to choose from available on edX. The edX has provided courses from 100+ reputed institutes around the world.

What does edx mean?

edX stands for ed- Education, x- means extension. edX was founded in 2012 by “Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University”. It is a non-profit organization created to provide affordable & high-quality education for all.

Students can come, take courses & get certified from the edX. The courses on edX are in the forms of a short video with some practice test to take. You can immediately take practice test & can review your knowledge about the subject. edX also provides certificates on “course competition” & some of the courses are credit-eligible.
edX provides a variety of courses to take, you can opt for any type of courses as per your choice & comfort.

edX online courses

The lectures are in the forms of small video lectures. So, you can literally enjoy the courses in your own comfort timing. edX provides courses in a very wide range of topics. Many of the courses from edX are available in English, Mandarin, French, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Spanish &many more.

Some of the topics that are provided by edX are as follows: –

• Business & Management

• Computer Science

• Humanities

• Languages

• Data Science & Statistics

• Chemistry

• Physics

• And many more

Edx Courses

Note – Majority of courses offered on edX are in English.

edX provides a lot of search filter that you can apply to choose the courses. You can apply the filter for searching from a particular University, or from the subjects available, on the basis of languages, or on the basis of your knowledge (Like – Introductory, Intermediate & advanced).

Still not sure if the course is worth or not? You do it in another way.

edX provides one more option to select. You can look at the instructor profile, its total experience & its education. From this knowledge, you can at least get an idea about the instructor. By looking at the instructor profile, you will also get to know about the company or University they are associated with.

edX has partnered with lots of university & organization all around the world. These University & Organization are one of the best in their field & country. Choosing the best organization provides edX the power to maintain high-quality videos & lectures.

edX Certificate

edX has different forms of the certificate to caters the needs of different types of persons. You can choose from different types of courses depending upon your need. Here is the list of different Programs & Degrees offered that you should know: –

edx certificate
  1. MicroMasters Program
  2. Professional Certificate
  3. Online Master’s Degree
  4. Global Freshman Academy
  5. X-Series

Let’s have a look at all the Programs & Certificate one-by-one in details.

1. MicroMasters Program

This is the University Level Program offered by edX. You can join the course & will the credentials equivalent to 1-semester of a Full-Time Master Degree. If wants to showcase your skills to your employers without harming your personal commitment & employment, then it could be the best bet for you.

This MicroMasters Program has been started to bridge the gap between Bachelor Degree & Master Degree. Employees like you can show their career enhancement to their employers without affecting their job. You can show your certificate & skills to some of the most reputed firms across the world.

Benefits of MicroMasters Program: –

There are various benefits for MicroMasters Program: –

  1. Professionals Career – The most reputed leaders of the industry accept & recognizes these certificate. Some examples of companies that accept these certificates are as follows – Walmart, IBM, Volvo, Ford, etc.
  2. Higher Studies – The MicroMaster Program could also help you with your higher studies. The certificates from these programs could provide you with credentials which will be equivalent to the 1-semester program.
    The credentials are accepted by some of the famous University throughout the world.

This program comes with some limitation. The limitation is that apart from its recognized university no-other university accepts these credentials for their master programs.

If you are not looking for a master degree then there are some other options for you.

2. Professional Certificate

It is one of the degrees designed by professional leaders & industry leaders to enhance your skills. You want to learn new technology than this could be a good option. The certificate has been designed by keeping in mind that the world is changing very fast & employees need to continuously update themselves to adapt to these changes.

If you want to update yourselves with some of the latest skills in the industry, then this certificate will suit you best. Just select the course & you are good to go.

You will find some of the best courses in the industry. You will find the most advanced courses. You could find the most technical & newly updated courses on edX. These courses are very much updated with industry standards.

Choose the technology that you to like learn & select the course from the edX, then just go with the flow of the course & you are all set.

You will also be awarded certification on successful completion of course & scoring required grades in the course. You could earn a certificate which could be highly valuable in your

3. Online Master Course

Do you want to complete your master degree? You don’t have any time to do it in Full-time or you have any personal commitment that fulfills. To solve all these problems edX has created Online Master Course.

You could get certified by some of the best university through-out the world. The programs are maintained by the university that provides the certificate itself. So you could expect quality content from these.

This course could help you get a certified master degree.

4. Global Freshman Academy

This is the joint program by Arizona State University (ASU) & edX. This academy course can be chosen by anyone in the world.

In this, you can take the same courses from the same faculty as that of ASU. The course will provide you with transferable Credit from anywhere in the world. These credits can be applied for further studies in ASU or any other university. This credit makes you eligible for a degree.

You don’t need to pay until you score the grades that you need. 

Note – You need to check with the institute if they accept these credits or not.

5. X-Series

If you want to get the in-depth knowledge of a subject which is in demand in today’s market, then this is for you.

You can select from a list of all the courses available, get the learning & show your skills & knowledge to the world. The courses have been designed by world-renowned industry experts & top universities.

This could be a great deal for the person who wants to have in-depth knowledge about a subject. If you want to get advanced level knowledge, then you opt for this X-series. It could be a good bet for you.

edX Scholarship

edX does provide you with a scholarship. If you are unable to pay the fees but wants to learn then you can still apply for the scholarship from edX. edX could provide you with the scholarship on its verified certificates.

Note – Most of the courses that provide verified certificate could be applicable for scholarship but remember not all courses are eligible for this scholarship.

Now, you could ask “How much scholarship does edX provide?”

The answer is – edX provides a scholarship of up to 90%. edX doesn’t cover a full scholarship of the course. You need to pay for the rest of the course fees.

How can you apply for applying for the financial assistance?

edX has made the application very simple & straight forward. You can enroll in the course as an audit learner & then could complete for financial assistance application. The application would be then sent for review. The review of application generally takes 2-3 business days.

If you are selected for Financial Assistance then you will get the confirmation on your E-mail.

Note – You can be approved up to 5 times in a 12 months period.

Final Thoughts

edx is a great platform for anyone to learn. You can even get credits which could help you in higher education. There wouldn’t be any quality issue for this platform. I would like to suggest you go for this platform.