The Ultimate Guide To edX Financial Aid And Scholarship

The Ultimate Guide To edX Financial Aid And Scholarship

Clear all your doubts about edX financial aid. This article discusses all that you need to know about edx scholarship. You will know how much fees will be rebated and how can you apply for the fee redemption.

MOOC platforms have really blasted in last few years. There are lot many platforms coming up. But quality & affordable learning is one thing that you must look after.

I always try to get quality learning from a reputed platform. For me, edX is one of them. I have taken many courses from edX and they are have proved to be really valuable for me.

edX provides scholarships to their students. But there is a lot of confusion running around. Many people are struggling to find their query. You could be one of them.

So, I thought why not write an article and clear all your thought from your mind.

edX Financial Aid

Some learners could not afford to pay full fees for the course. For these, edX provides 90% scholarship on it’s verified course.

It provides fees redemption for a person who can’t afford to pay the fees. This shows that they are committed to providing quality learning to all.

Who Can Apply For Scholarship?

This could be one of the first questions that could hit your mind. Whether you can apply for fee redemption or not?

If you are a person seeking quality knowledge & not able to pay the fees. Then you can apply for the grant. The grant will be provided in the form of fee concession. This could be 90% of the total fees to be paid.


Whether you are a student or a professional it doesn’t matter. You can apply for a grant. You just have to pay 10% of the total fees.

So, why not give it a try?

Which Courses Provides A Scholarship?

edX provides a lot of different type of certificates. Not all courses provide financial aid.

You can get a grant on only “Verified Courses”.

Some of the verified courses don’t have a scholarship.

Any other courses on edx don’t have grant option.

How To Apply For edX Financial Aid?

Applying for edX Scholarship is very simple & straight forward.

This has some series of steps that need to be followed.

1. Enroll in your selected course as free audit learner.

2. Go to edx grant link.

3. Fill out the application form to your true knowledge.

4. Wait for the application to be reviewed. It normally takes 2-4 days.

5. After accepted, your course will be upgraded to verified certification option.

edX provides a lot of different courses to choose from. Getting a certificate from edX could provide a good hump in your resume. You can choose a certification & make your dream come true.

FAQ: To Deepen Your Knowledge

Here is the list of few short questions that may be harder to find an answer.

1. How many courses can be approved for financial assistance?

You can apply up to 5 times for a scholarship annually. That will be a period of 12 months. So, enjoy your learning. These 5 scholarships may seem very less. But they are more than sufficient.

Completing a course may take more time then generally listed. I had completed 4-5 courses at most.

2. Is there any deadline for Financial assistance?

Yes, there is a deadline for applying for assistance.

The deadline depends upon the course that you are willing to resume.

So, be careful with that.

To avoid any hurry, apply for at least 5-6 business days in advance. A review of the application takes 2-4 business day. It makes sense to apply well in advance.

3. Can You Transfer Financial Assistance To A New Course?

Short Answer – No, You can’t.

Look the scholarship is granted on per course basis. Once your application has been approved to a course, you can continue that particular course. But your scholarship can’t be transferred to any other course.

You can apply for the grant to the new course again.

Final Thoughts

You can apply for edX Financial Aid with ease. You can apply at most 5 times to get a 90% fee redemption. This could be very helpful if you are on a budget but still wants to get high-quality learning.

I have found edX to be one of the promising platforms to learn new things.

You can also try to get a fee redemption.

Over To You

Which course you want to apply for, do let me know in the comments below.