How To Download Pluralsight Videos For Learning On The Go

How To Download Pluralsight Videos For Learning On The Go

You might be wondering how to download Pluralsight Videos. You might have already taken Pluralsight Subscription & are rushing to learn new courses.

I have written this post to give you a complete download on how to save Pluralsight courses & learn them on the go.

In this post, you will find the processes to use the Pluralsight app for mobile devices (Windows, Android, & iOS).

Note: I have not written this post for People who are looking to download Pluralsight videos for free. You should read this post if you have taken Pluralsight subscription.

Can You Download Pluralsight Video?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to downloading Pluralsight Videos.

In short, Yes, you can download Pluralsight videos for offline viewing.

When it comes to downloading courses from Pluralsight, there are lots of confusion around it.

So, I will be guiding you on how to download videos from Pluralsight & what are its process.

There are many options provided by Pluralsight to save Pluralsight Courses.

How Can You Download Pluralsight Course Videos?

There are lots of confusion running around when it comes to downloading the Pluralsight course. I will try to put light on it.

To enjoy this service, you need to be a paid member of Pluralsight first of all. To do this, you need to log in with Pluralsight Login Id & Password.

You can download up to 30 Courses to view to it offline. You can enjoy learning while disconnected. This will help to focus more as other notifications will be blocked.

Let’s see if you really want to download Pluralsight training & tutorials.

3 Steps To Download Pluralsight Course Lectures

Step I: – Take the Pluralsight subscription.

Step II: – Download the app or open the Pluralsight website if using the desktop. Login to your account.

Step III: – Save the videos.

Pluralsight Course Download On Mobile

Pluralsight Apps

Pluralsight does provide an option to download courses on Mobile apps. There are plenty of options for mobile applications.

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Amazon Fire
  4. Chromecast

You can definitely try to any of the platforms that you are using yourself.

Download Pluralsight Courses on Desktop

Pluralsight Android App

Pluralsight also provides Desktop Applications for Offline Viewing. Here is the list of all those applications: –

1. Windows – It will work for windows 7 or more version of it.

2. Mac – Works on Almost all platforms

So, you can try the desktop applications.

As you can see there is plenty of options to choose. Pluralsight has tried to cover all the aspects of learning. They have well-targeted all the available platform so that you don’t have to worry about choosing a platform.


1. Pluralsight offline applications don’t support Linux. You can watch recorded videos natively on a browser.

You can also check GitHub for more information.

2. Pluralsight does not support all the browser to download the videos.  The browser supported by are as follows: –

  1. Internet Explorer 11
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Apple Safari

Pluralsight doesn’t support – Opera Browser.

Top 5 Reason To Save Pluralsight Courses?

There could be many reasons why you should save Pluralsight Videos.

Let’s see the top 5 advantages of downloading Pluralsight courses.

  1. Watch Lectures Anytime – Downloading tutorials from Pluralsight help you to learn anytime. You can watch videos lectures at your own convenient time. It doesn’t depend on when you want to learn. Just take out your learning device (Mobile, Laptop or Desktop) & you will be good to go. It’s like a boom for me. I use it like anything.
  2. Watch without Network Coverage – Some times you might be not on network coverage or network might not be so good. This happens to all of us. So, by saving Pluralsight videos helps in this. You can enjoy learning without being connected. So, you can watch videos without any tension.
  3. Save Cellular Data– In some countries, cellular data could be very costly as compared to Wi-Fi connection. In this case, downloading Pluralsight video could be good. You can save lots of cellular data by downloading videos on Wi-Fi. I personally do prefer downloading videos on Wi-Fi. This has saved me lots of money on cellular data.
  4. Watch Videos Anywhere – By downloading videos, you can learn anywhere. You can learn while commuting, while waiting for someone, in your car or maybe in the garden. This removes a lot of hustle & tension. It takes me around 3 hrs of daily traveling from the office to my home. In that hrs, I prefer to watch training videos to upgrade myself.
  5. Increase Your Focus – When disconnected & watching videos offline you can boost your focus. Being disconnected or offline blocks unwanted notification from social media & all. This really helps boost my focus & could help you too. This happens to me on a daily basis. Sometimes, I am totally out of network coverage. This irritates me like a hell. So, saving videos help me a lot.

Final Thoughts

As from the above, you might have got an idea on how to download videos from Pluralsight. There are lots of option to select. Pluralsight will never disappoint you when it comes to the selection of applications.

Pluralsight uses some of the advanced features like – AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, etc. to keep track of their learners. You could enjoy learning from Pluralsight.

You can just go & try different platforms to learn from Pluralsight.

Over To You

There are plenty of options to download videos on Pluralsight.

But, I want to know, if you like the options provided or not.

And how would you like to download the video from this platform?

Let me know in the comments below.