How Does Udemy Offer Certificates To Its Online Courses?

How Does Udemy Offer Certificates To Its Online Courses?

Does Udemy offer certificate? I will solve your query regarding this common question.

Long answer short – Yes, Udemy offers certificates to its courses. But there are many turns around this certifications.

Udemy is one of the biggest online E-Learning Platform. I often see on the internet that people ask this kind of question. You might have lots of question regarding Udemy Certificates.

I came to answer all those questions regarding the Udemy Certificates.

I will be clearing all your doubts like – does Udemy offer certificates? does Udemy certificate matters? etc.

Often times, I get queries regarding accreditation. So, I thought why not answer the question that could be helpful for you guys

Udemy is just wonderful for anyone to learn anything new. It is an Instructor-led program course. The instructors, commonly an industry expert will teach you the full courses. If you want to know more read this.

Let’s move & see more about the Udemy Certificates.

Does Udemy Offer Certificates?

Yes, Udemy offers certificates for its online courses.

The certificates that you will be offered are “Certificates of Completion”.

Udemy offers certificates of completion to students who have finished watching the full video lectures. If you complete all the videos, Udemy offers Certificate of Completion.

Udemy Certificate

Note – The certificates do not guarantee that you have gained any knowledge. It just shows that you have completed watching the videos.

But don’t worry I will be giving you some tips to harness Udemy to its full potential.

Does Udemy Give Free Certificates?

Yes, Udemy gives a certificate for free.

You wouldn’t be charged a single penny for the certificates on Udemy. Just buy the best course for yourself and you are good to go.

As soon as you complete the course, Udemy offers you a certificate. The certificate that will be awarded to you would be a “Certificate of Completion”.

Do Udemy Certificates Matter?

Well, this happens to be a very subjective question. It might for certain people and for others, it might not.
Certificates earned can be included on LinkedIn or in the resume. Certificates might help you to gain some professional advancement. It also might help you in gaining an entry-level job as well.

One of my friends bought a few courses on Python coding. And in a short while, she was just able a secure a job as a Python Developer. So, for her, Udemy became a game-changer.

But most of the people are not here for Certificates at all.

These people are on Udemy just to gain knowledge. They choose a course to brush-up their skills or learn new skills. For them, certificates really don’t matter much.

How Udemy helps you in your professional career completely depends on you and your approach towards learning.

Can Udemy Courses Get You A Job?

There is no straight answer to this question. Udemy doesn’t guarantee any job or interview call. Getting a job completely depends on you.

Udemy believes that only certificates don’t help you get a job. But your skills do. So, instead of focusing on certificates, you need to focus on developing your skills.

Udemy doesn’t directly help you secure a job. As you grow your knowledge and skills, your resume would build up to be more attractive, this can assist you in attaining a job.

While looking for a job you can post your resume on websites such as LinkedIn or Monster. You need to make a profile suitable for the kind of job you aim to apply for and which reflects your skills properly.

At times even social media can prove to be an unlikely tool to get a job. Join some Facebook groups and pages and post your certificates with your work experience in these groups.

But before doing all these sorts of things, you must get in-depth knowledge of the skill. You must use Udemy properly and extract all the information possible.

Read this for more information.

How To Use Udemy To Its Optimum Level?

Udemy is a good platform to update your skills. But there are a few drawbacks of Udemy as well.

One of the major drawbacks, I consider is that it doesn’t offer Projects. Having projects is considered beneficial as it helps to check your knowledge. It helps to provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge. There are only a handful of courses which have projects, but the majority of them don’t.

To overcome this issue you need to gain work experience on your own.

Udemy provides the support of instructors. You can also post your queries and doubts to them.

For developers, you can create a portfolio of your work. To create your portfolio you can take the help of GitHub or any other relevant platform. They are generally free to use.

This is the best platform for any developer to use. You can do lots of experiments on it and create custom applications.

Final Thoughts

Udemy is one of the best platforms to use for learning and developing or polishing skills. When utilized properly it can act as a resource which can help you in getting suitable job opportunities. You should focus on learning and not on collecting certificates as knowledge is what matters at the end of the day.

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