Do Udemy Courses Expire – All You Need To Know

Do Udemy Courses Expire – All You Need To Know

You definitely want to know – Do Udemy Courses expire ever? Is there any date for courses to be expired? Or even how long do Udemy Courses last? You will get the answers in this post.

Udemy is just wonderful to learn lots of things. It is one of the cheapest platforms to take any courses. Udemy comes with lots of unique features. The most interesting of that is it comes with full lifetime access.

Yes! You read it right.

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During my college time, I was always looking for cheap courses. The money was tight but I had a keen desire to learn. Here, Udemy came to my rescue.

Recently I was searching for courses. There saw lots of people still questions about Udemy course. They ask a question regarding the validation time of course.

This inspires me to writes the article & answer the questions.

Do Udemy Courses Expire?

The courses on Udemy once bought, are accessible for a lifetime. They do not get expired or have a specific time duration for which they are valid or usable. Once you enroll in a class whether it is free or paid, it will last you till you have an account on Udemy.

But the thing is that there are always certain exceptions and loopholes, certain factors which are hidden.

1. The Course On Udemy Stops

The Course on Udemy Stop

The courses on Udemy are developed and created by Instructors, i.e., a third-party. These instructors have copyrights over their content and might give non-exclusive rights to Udemy. This allows them to host the course on many different platforms.

The instructors can discontinue courses which means that they no longer would be available for the new user. If, however you have bought the course, it will remain accessible to you.

The major problem with these courses would be the instructors would not be available for your queries. The instructor might have left Udemy. This would put the pressure on you to solve your own doubts.

2. If Courses Don’t Stop And Continue Forever

Udemy offers courses in a wide range of subjects. Now some of the courses are based on subjects which aren’t prone to regular change such as yoga. On the other hand, there are courses related to technology which is a rapidly developing area and hence the subject matter would continue changing regularly. They need regular modifications in their subject matter. In just a few years the syllabus could become completely different.

3. If The Pirated Courses Have Been Removed

Udemy Pirated Course

A major issue with Udemy is piracy. Read it yourself on Medium.

So there are chances that you’d buy a course and it turns out to be a pirated one. Udemy stops such courses when discovered. As you have enrolled and the course has been stopped, you will get a full refund.
But checking for piracy completely depends upon you.

But don’t worry, you will get the refund.

4. If The Course Is Upgraded

When a course gets upgraded it becomes beneficial to have bought the course as your version of the course would also be upgraded. You can enjoy the improved version at no extra cost.

Final Thoughts

Udemy is a good platform to learn and update your skills. Once bought, the course will never expire and stays with you forever. You can watch videos at any time and keep revising the courses free of cost. If a pirated video has been uploaded then you will get a full refund.

Over To You

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