The Complete Guide To Coursera Financial Aid Application & Scholarship

The Complete Guide To Coursera Financial Aid Application & Scholarship

Coursera Financial Aid Application can prove to be a tedious work. This article will provide you with detailed information on how to apply for Financial Aid in Coursera, its benefits and more.

Coursera was founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in 2012. It provides a variety of courses on its platform. Know more about Coursera here.


Coursera provides free courses to its student by providing the option of auditing courses. But when you audit a course a lot of benefits which Coursera provides are lost.

So here the option for applying for financial aid can prove to be beneficial.  It helps people with limited resources to get high quality education. This option can be availed on most of the courses provided by Coursera.

Certain courses provided by Coursera and completely free of cost as well. But the quality of these courses is inferior to those of the paid ones. Not all of them are bad, but when better options are available then why settle for lesser options?  and

I prefer Coursera for the simple reason that their videos are highly informative.

You will get learning from some of the most elite universities of the world.

Coursera considered the fact that their courses might not be comfortably affordable for everyone and thereby developed their system of providing either financial aid or even scholarships.

What is Coursera Financial Aid Or Scholarship?

Financial Aid is simply a form of Scholarship provided by Coursera. They provide a Scholarship of 100% for the courses. So, it becomes financially viable for students who might not find these courses affordable.

But Coursera doesn’t provide scholarship for all the courses. They might make a lectures from thecomplete course free for you.

Like a Specialization Course, has 6 courses from basic to expert level. You apply for the financial aid on the first course. You then will have to apply for each subsequent course separately. It is not necessary that if you qualified for once for the aid, you will again as well. But you could only get financial aid for 2 to 3 courses in most cases. .

andFor the rest of the courses, you have to buy them.

This will help you to cut down the cost by half.

But in certain cases, students also get scholarship for all the courses in their specialization course.

Who can apply for Coursera Scholarship?

Coursera scholarship can be applied for by anyone. If you want to update your skills or educate yourself in certain courses at low costs, this could be a viable option for you. This is especially helpful for individuals who can’t afford to pay the fee but are enthusiastic about learning.

You will have to answer a few questions for an application to be filled out when applying for financial aid.

Your application will be reviewed by Coursera andand then they might provide you with a scholarship.

With that scholarship, you can access Coursera’s high-quality content.

Coursera Financial Aid Application

Coursera provides 100% scholarship to its students when selected. You can benefit a lot from learning from Coursera.

As of now, you can only apply for the scholarship for one course at a time. To apply for more courses, you need to complete the previous one.

If your “Specialization Course” has more than 1 course then you need to apply for each course scholarship separately.

Steps to Apply For Financial Aid On Coursera

To apply for the scholarship on Coursera, just follow below mentioned steps.

1. Login to your Coursera account.

2. From the list of courses, choose whatever course you want to learn.

Coursera Courses

3. After selecting the course, you need to check whether your course provides a scholarship or not. In most cases, it will be provided.

4. Click on “Financial Aid Available”, a pop-up will appear in front of you.

Coursera Scholarship

5. Now, you need to fill up all the requirement mentioned in that box.

6. Once that’s done, you’re good to go


Points to keep in mind For Coursera Scholarship

  1. You can only apply for Coursera Scholarship on Desktop Version.
  2. You need to submit one Photo Id Card of yours. So, prepare for that in advance.
  3. In the “Why you are applying for Financial Aid”, you need to answer in at least 150 words. Less than 150 words wouldn’t be accepted by Coursera. Your application could be rejected in this case.
  4. It will take at least 15-days to review your application by Coursera. So, be patient with your application.
  5. Meanwhile, you can start your course journey in audit mode.
  6. If your application is approved, you will get a mail. If not approved, you will get a mail explaining the reasons behind that.


How To Answer Application Questions?

How to answer questions asked in Scholarship application?

  1. Why are you applying for Financial Aid?

In this, you need to answer the reason behind your application. Why do you need a Scholarship?

You can simply mention, that you are not earning enough to pay the fee.

  1. How will taking the course help you achieve your career goal?

To answer this one you need to write about your career goal. You can also mention how taking that course would assist you with your career growth.

Try to be clear about your goals in your professional life. Write the advantages of that particular course in your life.

Answering the rest of the questions is not that necessary. But it would be a good idea to answer them.

Final Thoughts

Getting a scholarship is can prove to be extremely advantageous when on a budget. Your approval for scholarship depends on answers to the above questions.

If you pitch your answer in a good way, then there are high chances of approval.

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