Coursera Cost – How Much You Need to Pay?

Coursera Cost – How Much You Need to Pay?

Coursera Cost is one of the interesting things to figure out. In this article, you will get to know about Coursera Costing, Pricing and many more.

With Coursera, you will get high-quality knowledge from the world’s elite university like – Stanford, Wharton, Yale and many more.

It provides a different kind of Courses catering to different needs. It also provides scholarship to their students.

Coursera Cost And Pricing

There are different prices depending upon the courses that you choose. So, for one course it could be low while for others it could be very high.

The prices also depend upon the certification that you choose.

For a verified or specialization course could have low pricing. While the master’s degree will cost you more.

Coursera costing offers 2 models – subscription-based and cost per course.

Coursera Free Trials

Yes, Coursera provides a free trial for 7 Days.

You can enjoy all the courses in the specialization. You can also try assignments, watch lectures, participate in forums, etc.

It could be a good thing to get the feeling of Coursera Learning.

If you are satisfied with the course only then continue further.

It never hurts to take a free trial.

Coursera Free Trial

Coursera Monthly Subscription Cost

The prices totally depend upon the type of course that you choose.

So, a Specialization course ranges between $39-$79/month.

You may question – What is a Specialization Course?

A Specialization Course is a set of 5-6 courses or maybe more. This will help you in gaining skills from beginner to advance level.

So, you can consider a Specialization Course as a series of courses to provide you with the full knowledge of a particular topic.

You have a total of 1-year to complete the specialization from the date of commencement.

2. Coursera Cost Per Course

You also have the option to pay for the course once. You are provided with 180 days to study and get a certificate for the verified course.

Let’s understand “What is a Verified Course?”

It is a single course which has high demand in the industry.

For Example – Java, Python, etc. All these fall into this category.

Well, the prices may differ from course to course. It is pretty difficult to tell the exact price. But my research says it is around $49.

It provides a few other options of degree.

Coursera Refund

The refund policy is quite simple in Coursera. If you don’t want to continue any course for whatsoever reason than you are free to get a refund of the course.

Coursera refundIf you have paid the fees for any individual course you can get the full refund within the 2 weeks’ time period.
But there are few reasons for not getting the refund.

  1. You have earned a course certificate.
  2. The 2-weeks’ time periods have passed.

Coursera Master’s Degree Fees

Coursera also provides you with the facilities to complete a Masters Degree.

Doing a Coursera Master Degree could be a good option while doing a job.

Coursera Master Degree fees

But what could be the fees on Master Degree from Coursera?

Again, the fees depend upon the Course and University that you have opted for.

In general, the fees could the range between $10,000 – $25,000.

To enroll for the master degree, you have to apply for the course in a specific time period. You can’t just randomly enroll for their master’s degree.

You have to complete assignments, lectures, etc. just as in a traditional course.

FAQ – Remove Your Doubt

1. Can you transfer my course credit to another course?

Unfortunately, Coursera doesn’t allow the transfer of credit to another course. You have to buy that course if you want.

2. You want to do only a single course out of the whole set of specialization courses. Will you get a certificate?

Yes, you can do a single course out of whole specialization course and will get a certificate for that course. You will get a certificate for every course that you complete from Specialization.

However, you can’t do the project associated with that specialization.

3. How long do I need to pay for the specialization?

Specialization is a monthly based program. That means you only have to pay for the course until the time you finish it. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

You have the freedom of canceling the course even after 1st month’s charges.

Final Thoughts

Coursera provides great learning for everyone. It comes with plenty of options to choose from. While a Specialization course will cost you $39-$89 per month, a masters degree will cost around $10,000 – $25,000.

This could be a good option if you want to learn from elite universities of the world. You can learn industrial skills as well as complete your master’s degree.

Over To You

Hopefully, I have cleared all your doubts regarding the Coursera costing.

Do let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else I can help you with.