Are Udemy Courses Accredited And Its Certificates Recognized?

Are Udemy Courses Accredited And Its Certificates Recognized?

You might be wondering about the benefits of Udemy courses and certificates. You might have questions like

  • Are Udemy courses accredited?
  • Are Udemy certifications recognized?
  • Will Udemy online training help you in getting a job?
  • What are some of the other eLearning alternatives to Udemy?

Udemy offers a certificate of completion for all its courses. However, as per the Udemy’s website, these certificates are not accredited by any institute. The website states that “Certificates of Completion help demonstrate your accomplishments, but please note Udemy is not an accredited institution, and as a result, the certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation”.

If Udemy itself is claiming that their courses are not recognized, you may think that their certificates are not useful or worth your money. However, I have found their certificates to be very useful.

Let me tell you how Udemy courses and certificates are beneficial and worth your time & money in this post. I will also briefly tell you about other websites that you can use as an alternative to Udemy.

Are Udemy Courses Accredited and its Certificates Recognized?

We already know that the Udemy online training programs are not recognized but let us find out how they are useful.

Brief Review Udemy

Udemy is an all-purpose learning platform. The range of courses available on Udemy is vast. You can find courses ranging from technical, non-technical to hobby courses. At the time of writing this post, it was offering 100,000+ courses on its platform. The courses are created by a number of instructors who have expertise in their respective fields.

These courses are extremely cheap and pocket friendly. Furthermore, all programs come with lifetime validity and they never expire.

All courses are on Udemy are not equal. Some of the training programs are very shoddy but you can always find good quality courses that are suitable for you. Udemy has an independent student’s rating & review system using which you can search for high quality courses. You can read what other students have to say about that course and make your purchase accordingly.

You can also read my post on Udemy review for a detailed orientation of the pros and cons of this platform.

Top 5 Benefits of Udemy

Udemy should be your first preference if you have a tight budget. Udemy is a very cost-effective learning platform. Though the certificates are not accredited, you will get tons of other benefits on Udemy.

  1. Low-Cost courses – Udemy offers extremely cheap eLearning programs. You can always find discount on its courses. The discounted prices are usually around $10. In some countries, the courses will be even cheaper.
  2. Student feedback – Udemy shows student’s ratings and review feedback on all its courses. These could help you to check if a course is worth it or not.
  3. Course sample lessons – Udemy gives access to demo videos and sample lessons. This way you can analyze a course lessons before invest in it.
  4. Lifetime Access – You will be provided with lifetime access to the course. Once enrolled in any course, it will stay with you forever.
  5. 30- day Money Back Guarantee – If you don’t like any course in which you have enrolled, you can get your money back. Udemy offers 30-day money-back guarantee to its students.

Who Should You Use Udemy?

As we have seen that, Udemy provides a lot of value. However, the question is who should invest in Udemy since it is not accredited? Let’s try to answer it here. You should use Udemy if you want to:

  1. upgrade your knowledge on the subjects that you are already comfortable with.
  2. understand subjects that can help you in you job but is not your core area of your work like accounting or book-keeping.
  3. pursue a hobby like yoga, guitar, dancing, or gardening.
  4. learn something on a tight budget.
  5. just gain new knowledge and skills. Nowadays talent and skills are more appreciated than certifications. So, you should keep on learning new things and try to acquire new knowledge.
  6. do additional study along with your regular school learning to gain additional knwoledge and move ahead of your peers.

You can also look at my article on finding best courses on Udemy. It will help you to separate the grain from chaff.

Alternatives of Udemy

There is some alternatives to Udemy and you can use them to get proper certifications. The alternative is varying which kind of platform who can choose. These are divided as – Institute approved or Organization approved.

1. Courses Approved by Institute

I. edX – This is one of the premier MOOCs when comes to learning. There are many top-ranking institutes under this platform. This platform has been founded in 2012 by “Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University”.

II. Coursera – This is also a wonderful platform to learn online. Coursera has been founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in 2012. Since then they have added 100s of the Institute on their platform. It is not a surprise then it gaining popularity day-by-day.

2. Courses Approved By Organization

I. TeamTreehouse – This platform is just a heaven for programmers. This platform has been made especially for Programmers. You can learn to code from scratch. They have a team of full-time & part-time members. These members helped to develop the course on this platform.

II. Pluralsight – This is one of the interesting platforms to choose from. It has lots & lots of unique features like – Path Learning. This will help you decide on a path of learning for you. You will get projects, test, quizzes, etc. on this platform.

III. Udacity – This is best for Job-Seekers. They provide job calls for you. You can get hired through this platform. You will also get personalized feedback on your quizzes & projects.

If you don’t want to go for Udemy there are plenty of options available. You can choose any of them listed above. The options will be based upon your interests.

Final Thoughts

Udemy is evolving as a market leader in the online learning world. There are tons of courses to choose from. You can find any type of courses on Udemy. But if somehow you don’t want to go for Udemy, choose another platform. You can choose any other platform based on your interests.

Over To You

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Or If you still have any confusion left.

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