Why Are edX Certificates Worth It? Top 5 Things To Consider

Why Are edX Certificates Worth It? Top 5 Things To Consider

MOOC courses don’t cost a dime, but are edX certificates worth it? I will try to answer the question in this article.

MOOC platforms like edX, Coursera, etc. have been developed to give high-quality education to the poor student at a very low cost. Still, some have asked there if they are good or not.

After reading this article, you will understand about edX accreditation, its partner and many more. This post will help you to analyze if edX certificate is good for you.

Are edX Certificates Worth It

Below is the list of 5 points which will help you to determine edX worthiness. Read the points below and decide it yourself.

1. What Is edX?

edX is an online learning platform founded in 2012 by “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology” and “Harvard University”. It is a non-profit organization started to provide standard knowledge to all students.

It has university-level courses in a wide range of discipline. Few examples of subjects are – Humanities, Business, and management, computers, etc.

You can find almost all certification from top colleges of the world.

If you want to know more about edX, do check out my detailed evaluation of the platform.

2. edX Partners

edX has partnered with lots of top university throughout the world. This makes it a prominent leader in the field.

edX likes to call them as “Contributor”. Few examples include – Harvard, Boston, Princeton, etc. You can check full contributor list here.


Do you like the partnership?

These partners or contributors provides courses from their professors. You can find a professor from these universities providing lectures.

3. edX Certifications

There are 5 different types of certificates that are offered by edX.

I. MicroMasters Program – University level program which could help you to get credits equivalent to 1-semester program.

II. Professional Certificate – offers certificates of you want to enhance your skills and want to learn some industry-related skills.

III. Online Master’s degree – This will help you to acquire master degree through this platform.

IV. Global Freshman Academy – It is a joint venture of Arizona State University (AZU) and edX. Through this certification, you can earn credits to study in AZU. The point to note is that fees will be charged only when you scored the grades that you need.

V. X-Series – This is a group of certificates that will help you to learn from basic. You can learn things like programming, languages, etc.to enhance your skills.


If you want to know more click here.

4. edX global forums

edX has a dedicated forum for help. You can use this forum to post your doubts and query and it will get reviewed by peers. Your doubts will be solved by peers in this global forum.

“Post your doubts in forum and get solved by peers.”

5. Earn And Share Your Certificate

Getting certified on edX could be one of the best things to get. The certifications will show your expertise. You can earn the certificate and share it on different social media like – LinkedIn.

This will help you to get the eyeball of employers.

Many of the employer like to hire candidates with knowledgeable skills. The courses on edX will help you to get trained and land a job.

Bonus Tip

Ensure Authenticity

Certifications are important to show your expertise in front of the world.


Will any certification will do this?


A certificate from any random platform that is not verified or recognized will not help to gain eyeball of employers.

Think of this way.

How will any person go to take the certifications seriously if it is just multiple-choice question and answer published over the internet?

It is not going to have any validity as anyone can do it.

The platform like edX confirms learner’s identity through govt-issued ID-Card over the webcam. They also use artificial intelligence to recognize the student typing pattern.

That becomes very difficult to cheat on edX.

Final Thoughts

edX certifications are worth it but you have to work hard for this.

You need to use all the weapons provided by the edX to make certificate a hit.

Watch videos, read reference, practice real problem, the question on the forum, add the certificate to your resume and share your skill on social media. These steps, if combined and done with persistence will yield lots of benefits to you.

Over To You

Which certificate you are up to?

Let me know in the comments below.