Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? A War Between Price & Value

Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? A War Between Price & Value

You might be wondering about

  1. Are Coursera certificates worth it?
  2. What is the value of its course, programs, and degree?
  3. What is the point of investing if one can pursue its courses free of cost?

Let me talk about Coursera’s value and worth in detail.

Are Coursera Certificates Worth It?

I always had a desire to get high-quality education from the world’s elite university. I always wanted to go to universities like – Yale, Stanford, Wharton, etc. & get higher education. But I couldn’t do it because of my family responsibility.

My desire to get the learning never ended. I searched for more & more about it. My search landed me on Coursera.

I searched & found what I needed. I took a few courses on Coursera.

That is from my side. But why do you want to get the certificate?

It might be any of 3 reasons.

I. Grabbing A Job
II. Getting A Promotion
III. Showcase your knowledge

By the way, it never hurt to get an extra certificate on your resume.

Let me tell you frankly, Coursera doesn’t help with the job.

Instead, it will train with the skill set needed to acquire the job on your own. They believe that the right skill-set will help you to get a job not the references.

That means you have to put all the hard work needed to get a job.

What about the professionals who are doing the job but craving for the promotion? Can Coursera help them?

You can learn new skills which could help you with professional life. This could also be beneficial if you want to update your knowledge.

But the million-dollar question is the certificates really matter.

To be frank, they matter very less or maybe not at all.

What most employers find attractive is knowledge as compared to just a piece of paper. They don’t want tons of courses written on papers. They want a person who has skills which can be put into use in real case scenario to solve industry problems.

So, instead of focusing on getting tons of certificate you must motivate towards getting the knowledge.

The next question that might click your mind is –

Why invest in certificates from Coursera when you can get the knowledge free by auditing the course?

That’s true, you can definitely go and get the knowledge for free on Coursera.

If your sole purpose is gathering the knowledge, then go ahead audit the course for free. It is one of the things that I recommend to you.

Does it mean any online certificate from the platform is useless?

No, they are not. I am not saying that they are useless.

They give you extra credits. This also shows your dedication towards work and self-improvement. These are things that most of the employers like in their employees.

The certificate means that you have successfully completed the course and have gained the knowledge. Without certificates, no one knows about your knowledge. It is just you that knows.

Paid courses on Coursera have many advantages like – support from peers, dedicated forums for help and many more. These are the things which are missing with free courses.

By taking a few courses, both free and paid, I see the difference. While free courses are good enough to get the basic idea about technology. But you if really want to hit the bulls’ eye, go for paid courses.

How to make Most Out Of Coursera Certificate?

As soon as your course starts, you will be provided with video lectures from the professor. Then, you need to watch those lectures & complete some tasks.


The tasks will be in the form of Small Quizzes, Assignment, etc. You have to complete those within the time limit.
The tasks & quizzes submitted by you will be review by the professor. If everything goes fine, you will be awarded the certificate.

Here are a few tips to make your certificate, a certificate, not just a piece of paper.

5 Tips to Make Your Coursera Certificate Useful

There are few tips that I have used it myself to make Coursera Certificate valuable. You can also use the below tips:

  1. Use Forums – This could be one of the best things that were provided by Coursera. You can post your query out there. Persons will answer to your question. I have utilized it very often to clear my doubts.
  2. Answer the Quiz – The quizzes provided by Coursera is a great piece of resource to check your knowledge. You can answer the quizzes and submit your assignment. This could help you to increase your knowledge. This could be a great add-on.
  3. Read a Lot – Believe it or not, reading is one of the best habits one should develop. You can read books, E-Books, articles on the internet, etc. That will help you to gain some extra knowledge. That could be beneficial in the longer term. I believe that gaining knowledge from 1 source is not sufficient. At least 2-3 sources have to be there.
  4. Practice & Practice – More the practice, better you will become. After gaining knowledge, you need to make it in the real world. Do some real-time project or assignment or even take an internship to supplement your skills. This could be very helpful in the future.
  5. Show Your Talent – Now, it’s the time to make the balls rolling. You have gained enough knowledge & it’s the time to show this to the world. First, I have used LinkedIn to show my talent. I updated my profile with the latest skills. I, too have posted my skills on some groups on LinkedIn. That helped me to land a job.

These are a few tips that I have used. You can also take a few hacks from above & apply it. These are just my own experiences. Try to apply a few of them to get the maximum benefits.

Benefits And Value Of Coursera

Suppose you have gained a certificate from Coursera, what is its value?

Are there any advantages of doing a lot of hard?

Yes, there are a few advantages that you should look.

1. University courses at a fraction of cost

Do you ever think of getting a university degree? But couldn’t do it because of lack of money.

I had a similar situation in the past. That’s my reason to take classes on Coursera.

When you compare university fees with Coursera fee you will see what I meant.

For a course of $50,000 in university, you can study that course for $10,000 or less on this platform.

2. Learn Authentic Course From Top University

Do you ever think of studying in Universities like – Stanford, Yale, Wharton, etc.? But couldn’t enroll because of family responsibilities or something else.

This platform has a solution for that.

Now, you can learn from the best universities of the world from the comfort of the home.


Below is the answer to a few questions that you come up to your mind. Read all these answers carefully to clear your doubts.

1. Are Coursera certificates valid for the job?

The Coursera certificates are issued by elite universities of the world. More and more employers look at the certificates as the mean of knowledge.

So, it is valid and holds its own space in the field.

2. Are Coursera certificates worth anything?

The elite universities of the world offer certificate on Coursera. To get the certificate, you have to work really hard. You have to do the assignments, answer quizzes and submit projects. Your work will be reviewed and after getting a passing grade, you will be awarded the certificate.

Hence, this makes Coursera certificate valuable.

3. What is the cost of Coursera certificate?

The price of the certificate depends upon the course and type of certification that you choose. To know more about Coursera certificate fee, check this.

4. Is it good to show Coursera certification on the resume?

Yes, show the world your credentials and what have you achieved. Putting a certificate on your resume is a good way to show your talent to the employer.

Final Thoughts

If you are about to take any course from Coursera make sure to give it your 100% to it. Otherwise, it will be useless.
Remember success is never an easy task to achieve. You have to get things rolling & work hard.

The final verdict – Coursera certificates are worth it only if you try to make it valuable.

Over To You

I want to know from you – are Coursera certificates worth it? Do let me know in the comments below.