Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? A War Between Price & Value

Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? A War Between Price & Value

Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? You will get to know about this in this article.

After reading this article, you can decide are Coursera certificates useful or worth the money.

But before diving into deeper, if you don’t know much about Coursera then check here.

For me personally, Coursera has worked like a charm. I have used it extensively to update my skills. That’s too at a very reasonable cost. I have used lots of courses from Coursera & to get the knowledge that I needed. The Course lectures are good & of high quality.

It has also helped me in my professional life & get a promotion in my job.

With that being said, I am not forcing you to just go & buy the courses. I want you to read this article till the end & decide for yourself.

Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? A Head-On Reality

I always had a desire to get high-quality education from the world’s elite university. I always wanted to go to universities like – Yale, Stanford, Wharton, etc. & get higher education. But I couldn’t do it because of my family responsibility.

My desire to get the learning never ended anyways. I searched for more & more about it. My search ended on Coursera.

I searched & found what I needed. I took a few courses on Coursera. It was an awesome experience for me.
Are Coursera certificates valuable or worth anything? For me – “Yes” it is totally valuable.

Carolyn McIntyre talks about Coursera Certificate value on his LinkedIn Post. This is also one of the hottest topics on some MOOC Forums.

Coursera Certificate Review

Coursera certificate

Just getting a Certificate from Coursera wouldn’t help you. You have to earn it. We will discuss it later in the section.

In this section, I will discuss how Coursera provides a certificate.

As soon as your course starts, you will be provided with video lectures from the professor. Then, you need to watch those lectures & complete some tasks.

The tasks will be in the forms of Small Quizzes, Assignment, etc. You have to complete those within the time limit. The tasks & quizzes submitted by you will be review by the professor. If everything goes fine, you will be awarded the certificate.

The certifications in Coursera works like this.

How to make Most Out Of Coursera Certificate?

As I have told earlier, just getting a certificate is not as useful. You really have to work-it-off to make everything happens. You have to make the things rolling.

It could be a good platform if used in a positive way. You can use forums of Coursera to clear your doubts. It is generally a good practice for your subject problem.

After getting the certificates, you need to show this to the world. Here is what I have used it to make that happens. As soon as you receive the certificate update it on LinkedIn. This way many recruiters will get to know about your qualification.

5 Tips to Make Your Coursera Certificate Useful

There are few tips that I have used it myself to make Coursera Certificate valuable. You can also use the below tips:

  1. Use Forums – This could be one of the best things that were provided by Coursera. You can post your query out there. Persons will answer to your question. I have utilized it very often to clear my doubts.
  2. Answer the Quiz – The quizzes provided by Coursera is a great piece of resource to check your knowledge. You can answer the quizzes and submit your assignment. This could help you to increase your knowledge. This could be a great add-on
  3. Read a Lot – Believe it or not, reading is one of the best habits one should develop. You can read books, E-Books, articles on the internet, etc. That will help you to gain some extra knowledge. That could be beneficial in the longer term. I believe that gaining knowledge from 1 source is not sufficient. At least 2-3 sources have to be there.
  4. Practice & Practice – More the practice, better you will become. After gaining knowledge, you need to make it in the real world. Do some real time project or assignment or even take an internship to supplement your skills. This could be very helpful in the future.
  5. Show Your Talent – Now, it’s the time to make the balls rolling. You have gained enough knowledge & it’s the time to show this to the world. First, I have used LinkedIn to show my talent. I updated my profile with the latest skills. I, too have posted my skills on some groups in LinkedIn. That helped me to land a job.
  6. These are a few tips that I have used. You can also take a few hacks from above & apply it. These are just my own experiences. Try to apply a few of them to get the maximum benefits.

Final Thoughts

Coursera has just well for me. It is a wonderful platform to use. The course certificate is valid & used by many recruiters for screening. It never hurts to take a few extra certificates in your pocket.
Coursera provides lots of features to try. Using this & some other you can just rock the sky.
But remember success is never an easy thing to get. You have to get things rolling & work hard.

Over To You

Now, I want to know from you – are Coursera certificates worth it?
Do let me know in the comments below.