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Hello, I am Yash Sharma

I have done Engineering in computer science from India. I was in constant pressure to find a job after my graduation. And I got a job after a long search. But it was not a good one. It doesn’t prosper my learning habit. I always tried to upgrade myself with new technology & tools.

I always want to leave my Job as I was not satisfied with it. But my Financial conditions didn’t allow me to do that. But as said, “nothing can stop you if you have that guts”. I started looking for alternate cheap courses.

I am an always a curious guy, who want to learn everything in this world. I am always fascinated about new technologies in the world. But learning everything in this world in not possible. So, I directed myself toward my passion, i.e., New Technology.

I landed upon some of the famous online E-Learning Platforms. I can’t express my happiness in words when I finally choose these platforms. I got really excited about this form of learning.

These all platforms saved a lot of time, money & energy for me. Now, I am able to learn anything from comfort of my home. I no longer have to pay heavy fees to an institute to learn anything.

After taking a No. of courses from different online learning platforms, I thought of helping other person. I have started this blog to share my experience. In this blog of mine, you will find useful insights about online learning. You will also get various tips & tricks to choose right course for you. You will get to know comparison between various online platform.